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Salon du Chocolat | © Tasaka Sama/Flickr
Salon du Chocolat | © Tasaka Sama/Flickr
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This Paris Expo is One of the World's Largest Chocolate Celebrations

Picture of Jade Cuttle
Updated: 8 September 2017
What better way to fall in love with Paris than by delighting in sweet delicacies? This event is one of the world’s largest shows dedicated to chocolate, and invites sugar-lovers to sample an innovative selection of its surprising forms alongside workshops and performances.

Paris’s annual chocolate exhibition is like a dream come true for children and sweet-toothed adults alike. With more than 500 participants sprawling across 250 lavishly decorated stands, prepare your taste-buds to be treated to delicious products from chocolate wonderlands like Switzerland and Belgium, but also more further afield countries like Russia, Japan, and Canada.

Salon du Chocolat