The Best Places To Find Kale In Paris, France

The Best Places To Find Kale In Paris, France
Kale is a bobo vegetable known as a nutritional powerhouse and is packed with antioxidants, making it the perfect detox food. Here we explore the best places to find this trendy ingredient in Paris, France.
Ornamental kale © Terren/Wikicommons

Rachel’s Pont aux Choux

Restaurant, American
An iconic Marais establishment, the mastermind behind Rachel’s Pont aux Choux is expanding her expertise from decadent baking to kale-centric meals. Known for her homemade pastries, breads and even bacon, Rachel is now whipping up less caloric gems on her fresh inspired menu. The menu features kale in her sensational seasonal salads and savory Sunday brunches. Whoever thought something so healthy could taste so good?
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Harper’s Bistro

Bistro, Restaurant, American, $$$
Kale | © Peet Sneekes/Flickr
This hip American bistro situated in trendy Batignolles teams your classic American cuisine with ever-so-fresh French quality. Skip past the traditional American fare and dive straight into the kale salad which is certain to be as funky as the New York-style hot spot it is served at. This ultra-healthy salad is fresh to death packed with the curly greens, cherry tomatoes, avocados and red onion.
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Retour à la Terre

Restaurant, Healthy
Kale salad
Kale salad | © Joy/Flickr
With two locations in Paris, Retour à la Terre will seduce you with its cornucopia of fruits, vegetables and other treasures. The restaurant invites you to unleash the pleasure of your senses through bio living. The staff, friendly and knowledgeable, will excitedly show you to the curly kale bin while pointing out the health benefits of this phenomenon. Best to call first to see if they have any in, as kale aficionados are often lining out the door in anticipation of new stock.
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La Récolte

La Récolte, Le Chou Kale est sur l’étalage!
La Récolte, Le Chou Kale est sur l’étalage! | Courtesy La Récolte
La Récolte is taking the Paris bio scene by storm. Offering only 100 percent French-grown products, this harvest is dishing out fresh, seasonal products to Paris, including the ‘new beef’. What may have seemed just like an unusual weed for farmers at a time, kale has hit the shelves running as a new favorite green in the markets of Paris.
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Terroir d’Avenir

Butcher, Fishmonger, Grocery Store, French
Terroirs d’Avenir offers artisanal, sustainable and (mostly) organic produce
Terroirs d’Avenir offers artisanal, sustainable and (mostly) organic produce | © Terroirs d’Avenir
This happening little row of shops reminds us of the childhood story of the three little pigs, except in this version one little piggy goes to the fishmonger, another little piggy goes to the butcher and the last little piggy visits the vegetable shop and squeals all the way home. A bit pricier than other bio shops around town, Terror d’Avenir carries more obscure products, like dinosaur kale, to get your inner chef inspired.
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