The 9 Best Wine Bars In Paris

The 9 Best Wine Bars In Paris
Wine is part of the living heritage of France, and its cultural relevance can be measured by the place it occupies in the country’s social structure, being an element of aggregation and sharing. According to French law “wine, fruit of the vine and the wine-growing areas are part of the cultural, gastronomic and landscape of France”. Here is our guide to the Parisian part of that landscape.


Restaurant, French, Japanese, $$$
Vivant, headed by Pierre Jancou, is a winery in a traditional style, with art nouveau details recalling the ancient function of the place – a bird shop from 1903. The novelty here is the arrival of the Japanese chef Atsumi Sota, who worked in the kitchens of Troisgros, Robuchon, Stella Maris and Toyo. He creates a Franco-French fusion reviewed with freshness and Japanese rigor, without sauce or unnecessary frills – a poetic mix of Japanese perfectionism and French indulgence.
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Le Porte-Pot

Bistro, French, Tapas, $$$
This venue is a truly convivial, lively place, especially on Thursdays when a jazz concert is served along with your favorite drink. The owner, being a sommelier, has composed a huge and well selected chart of wines, including organic options. The selection of tapas accompaniments is also perfect. Le Porte-Pot is an ideal place to meet up after an especially hard work day. No wonder the jazz night is on Thursday, the official after-work party night in Paris.
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Ô Chateau

Bar, Wine Bar, French, $$$
Decode crus, appellations and cépages with this French wine tasting.
Get a lowdown of the wine scene in Paris at a tasting session | ©Per Swantesson / Stocksy
Ô Chateau has been named the best wine bar in Paris, and is the only bar in the capital to receive the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence. It is possible to taste a selection of the very best wines by the glass, and the tapas selection is designed to accompany your chosen wine. If you have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, the house offers oenology (wine studies) courses in both French and English.
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Le Baron Rouge

Bar, Charcuterie, Wine Bar, French
Le Baron Rouge, wine bar close to marche d'Aligre area, selling oysters, Paris, France
People buy oysters outside Le Baron Rouge, Paris | © Perry van Munster / Alamy Stock Photo
The ambiance at Le Baron Rouge is great and has remained unchanged for many years. The charcuterie and the rillettes are very good, and the fresh oysters are definitely worthy trying. The wine is affordable and the welcoming staff makes for a warm atmosphere.
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Gastropub, Tapas, $$$
Croque Monsieur
Croque Monsieur | ©Kimberly Vardeman/Flickr
L’Avant-Comptoir is a tiny restaurant where the order of the day is to snack on various delicious mini-dishes whilst standing at the bar. The staff are friendly and helpful and will recommend a good wine to accompany your meal. Order lots of little things to share so everybody can discover the tasty delicacies on offer.
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