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La Planche Gourmande | © La Braise Doree
La Planche Gourmande | © La Braise Doree
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The Best Restaurants In The 18th Arrondissement, Paris

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Updated: 9 February 2017
The 18th arrondissement is quickly becoming one of the trendiest parts of Paris, attracting a young and hip Parisian crowd. Many of these neighborhoods are known for their mix of cultures, notably the African neighborhood, La Goutte d’Or. Explore Paris beyond traditional French cuisine to discover new places using our guide to the best local food joints in the 18ème.
La Planche Gourmande | © La Braise Doree
La Planche Gourmande | © La Braise Doree
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La Braise Dorée

La Braise Dorée is a creative and refined French-African fusion restaurant, offering French and Senegalese classics in a cozy setting. African restaurants are becoming increasingly popular throughout Paris, especially in the 11th and 18th, homes to many African immigrant communities. Mazinga Saidou opened this place with her husband as a change from the smaller family-owned establishments to appeal to an international crowd. Reservations are recommended.

52 rue de la Chapelle, 75018, Paris, +33 1 46 07 44 74

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Le Floors

This restaurant is in Barbès, Le Floors boasts one of the best hamburgers in Paris, including a make-your-own option, all in a retro American décor. The owners and chefs here hold themselves to a high standard of simple and wholesome. In addition to a varied menu, Le Floors has an impressive apéro.

2 rue Poulet, 75018, Paris, +33 1 75 57 37 24

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Le Basilic

This traditional French restaurant is charming, chic, and romantic. Tucked behind Montmartre in the Abbesses area, Le Basilic is covered in vines dating from 1903, giving it a cozy and quaint feel. The menu includes classics such as steak and fries, duck, salmon, and mousse au chocolat.

33 rue Lepic, 75018, Paris, + 33 1 46 06 78 43

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La Fourmi

This restaurant-bar’s name is a subtle reference to Jean de la Fontaine’s fable ‘La Cigale et la Fourmi’, since La Cigale, the music venue, is situated just around the corner. La Fourmi is warm and welcoming, and is committed to serving a small selection of delicious plats du jour. They serve traditional, wholesome, yet creative dishes like guinea fowl and risotto, whole dorade royale with sautéed vegetables, and duck shepherd’s pie, to name a few. Later at night, it becomes a trendy bar stop for many, particularly concert-goers due to its proximity to four others concert venues. The buzzing ambiance, music, and low prices attract large crowds until late at night.

74 Rue des Martyrs, 75018, Paris, +33 1 42 64 70 35

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Le Refuge Des Fondus

A playful and fun environment awaits you in this kitsch fondue restaurant. The choices are limited, either cheese or broth-based fondue, and a choice of red or white wine, served in baby bottles (to avoid the tax on wine glasses). The restaurant has two large tables, and guests will sometimes have to climb over the tables and other customers to reach their seats to enjoy their meal late into the night.

17 rue des Trois Freres, 75018, Paris, +33 1 42 55 22 65

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Hope Café

This small place by the Butte Montmartre serves fresh and organic foods and wine, as well as vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free specialties. Hope Café is a cool and hip place for a bite to eat, to enjoy its terrasse, or to buy natural jams, chocolates and vitamins from the shop. The menu has a wide variety, from salads, to thai flank steak, to veggie burgers, and cheeses. Hope Café is open for lunch, dinner, and brunch at weekends.

4 rue Lamarck, 75018, Paris, +33 1 46 06 54 40

La Tiborna | © Luis Fonseca

La Tiborna | © Courtesy of Luis Fonseca

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La Tiborna

Somewhere between restaurant, tapas bar, wine bar and tea salon, is La Tiborna. Named after a Portuguese specialty of bread, olive oil and garlic, this restaurant has a number of Portuguese dishes. The space is small and decorated to reflect the Portuguese influence. La Tiborna also serves breakfast and brunch.

19 rue Durantin, 75018, Paris, +33 6 49 92 85 81

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Le Grand Phénicien

This Lebanese restaurant flourishes in a multicultural area. It serves traditional Lebanese dishes in a contemporary décor. All dishes are freshly prepared by a chef with over 25 years of experience, ensuring excellent quality at a very affordable price. The house specialty is their grilled meats: lamb kebabs, kefta, and chawarma, all served separately so you’ll be able to try a number of dish options. In addition, Le Grand Phénicien delivers, and serves food all day.

4 Rue Caulaincourt, 75018, Paris, +33 1 44 70 09 00

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Seç has two Parisian locations, in the 18th and the 17th arrondissements, both showcasing hospitality and tradition of a Turkish gastronomic experience. The menu offers Turkish wines, colorful mezze, grilled seafood, succulent grilled meats, and sweet desserts for a culinary voyage from comfortable chairs.

165, rue Ordener, 75018, Paris, +33 1 42 51 18 46