The Best Restaurants In The 10th Arrondissement, Paris

The Best Restaurants In The 10th Arrondissement, Paris
The last decade has seen an injection of life into the 10ème arrondissement, which has gone from being poor and run-down to vibrant, dynamic and trendsetting. We have explored all corners of this edgy, cool district to bring you the most delicious foods and inspiring cuisines this neighborhood has to offer.

Le 52

Restaurant, Dessert, French, $$$
Le 52 is in Paris’s 10th arrondissement
Le 52 is in Paris’s 10th arrondissement | © Fred Lahache / Culture Trip
Best food, best wine, best bread, best coffee, it’s all at this restaurant. Le 52 is just next Julhès, forming a trifecta of taste. The décor is simple and the food is simply perfect. With three to four choices per entrée, main, and dessert, you can content yourself with a hunk of pork belly covered in chorizo, tomatoes, and potato pressée in a boudin sauce or burrata surrounded by burst tomatoes. Follow this with a chocolate rice soufflé with ginger ice cream for dessert.
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Restaurant, Italian, European
Sette Pizza - Faubourg St-Denis, Paris
Sette Pizza - Faubourg St-Denis, Paris | Courtesy of Bulma
Sette is a hole in the wall, for an oven and your stomach. The tomatoes are AOP, farmed fresh from volcanic soils; the mozz is fior Di latte; the dough gets rest and ferments for four days, making it as friendly to the digestive system as it is to the mouth. La pizza Magnifico and its honey-roasted figs, cured ham, Parmesan and buffalo mozzarella will have your heart until you try the cèpe burata and truffle. Make a trade, strike a deal, and you will find world peace for a solid six and half minutes. You can turn whatever you choose into a calzone, double your toppings, add an egg, burrata and Italian wine, then call yourself an aficionado.
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Restaurant, Fast Food
Bulma Banh mi & Bento Shop, Paris
Bulma Banh mi & Bento Shop, Paris | Courtesy of El Nopal
Dr. Seuss would go googoo, for here, at Bulma, a Who can have bo bun (glass noodle salad) on a baguette, bo bun in a bowl, or bo bun in a box. However Who like – beef bo bun, chicken and cilantro, topped with tempura, bo bun with boba. The bahn mi sandwich is the best, so delicious with meats seasoned perfectly. Try Thai sausages, beef, pâté, and tempeh – comme vous voulez! Topped with cucumber, cilantro, carrot rapée, hot sauce and vinaigrette, a table of eight goes silent as the night on first bite. Coconut panna cotta, fruit salad, and bo bun baked specialties are available for dessert. The boba changes seasonally. Stay for the Saigon news, grab a journal and wait out the afternoon like a lorax in a tropical paradise.
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El Nopal

Cocktail Bar, Restaurant, Food Truck, Food Stall, Mexican
El Nopal, Paris
El Nopal, Paris | Courtesy of Myrthe

There is always a line for this sweet street taqueria‘s signature tacos, quesadillas, burritos, and the only two stools. It could be because the tortillas are made in-house, and then filled with cactus, chorizo, avocado, cheese, and homemade salsa. There are corn fritters (gorditas), quesadillas with nopalitas (cactus), or burritos with red beans and rice. Some might say that it is the best Mexican this far from the border, of Paris – and spicy means spicy.

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Meal service:

Takeaway, All Day, Dinner, Lunch, Brunch




Cafe, French
Myrthe, Paris
Myrthe, Paris | Courtesy of PNYB
At Myrthe, go for the jambon buerre; stay for the atmosphere; leave laden with vinagre de Banyuls, les pâté de sanglier, carefully selected frommage (the best comté!), saucisson, 100 percent bio Syrah, small-batch apricot compote, buerre de Bordier, honey and rosemary mustard; or grab at random and surprise yourself when you get home when every choice makes your taste buds blossom like a bouquet of peonies. Or if you prefer a cozy corner, there is the fait maison: magic. The ladies here must use it in every brownie, tart, muffin, quiche, ham and butter sandwich, or their taste is as impeccable as their style. Come for lunch, and stay for apero the first Thursday of every month – and the magic show.
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PNYB (Paris NY Burger)

Restaurant, American, $$$
Paris New York, Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis
Paris New York, Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis | Courtesy of The Sunken Chip
It melts in your mouth – try the Morning California with its nine-month aged cheddar, avocado, and secret sauce. The burgers are cooked to perfection (and they had better be considering how much TLC PNYB‘s owner gives the meat on Farm Ponclet) and never over seasoned – all the ingredients speak for themselves. You can have fries covered in cream, cheese, or bacon, or all three. The wedge is a slice of blue cheese from heaven’s creamery. And the fries are blessed with just the right amount of crispy. It is all tongue and cheek. Today their welcome sign read, ‘Trust Me, I am Santa Clause.’
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Restaurant, Cafe, French
Courtesy of Holybelly
Courtesy of Holybelly | Holybelly 5, Paris
‘It’s good because we care,’ and they do. Holybelly boasts a brunch crowd that takes over Rue St Lucien Sampaix every weekend. There are 49 seats to fight over, and people do. The coffee is 22o milliliter cafe filtreand 26 grams espresso – they do it all, and they’ll ice it for you if you ask them to. The London Fog is especially lovely with its gentle earl grey stirred into a vanilla froth. If you need a kick in the holy Bloody Mary, she’ll give it to you. And if you are between meals, get the Agent Cooper special: coffee and pie à la mode sans creepy Twin Peaks. The menu changes monthly, so make sure you get there once a month so as not to die of FOMO (fear of missing out).
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Krishna Bhavan

Restaurant, Indian, Vegetarian
Adana Kebap
Adana Kebap | © Maderibeyza/WikiCommons
Vegetarian Indian specialities simmering in ghee, dosas for days, their rice and lentil pancakes are filled with smashed potatoes tangy onions and chutneys, pooris (an Indian beignet!), eggplant stew, paneer butter masala, basamati rice with cashews raisins and mustard seeds – this is Krishna Bhavan. Featuring Ayurvedic menus, this restaurant offers authentic affordable Indian cuisine with a reputation that precedes its bounty.
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Urfa Durum

Restaurant, French, Vegetarian, Turkish
If the woman in the window up to her elbows in flour doesn’t call you in from the cold, maybe the 400 degree oven behind her will. At URFA, they make all of their flat breads in house, to order. What you want gets wrapped up right in front of you – lamb, beef, or vegetarian special. Everything is fresh. Everything is authentically Turkish. Come with an appetite, a few monies, and leave with a wiggle in your walk and a new restaurant review to post alongside Anthony Bourdain, who is also an enormous fan.
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Chez Casimir/Chez Michel/Le Pointe De Grouin

Thierry Breton’s prodigious triplets live behind the Eglise Saint Vincent de Paul on the Rue de Belzunce. Chez Michel, the crown jewel of Rue de Belzunce has been decorated with glittering acclaim and is flanked by the less expensive but no less delicious Chez Casimir and Le Pointe de Grouin, for those with champagne taste on a beer budget. Casimir’s hearty seasonal cooking and beautiful brunch fills and refills your bread basket from 10am to 2pm and offers a bio wine cave, traveling cheese board, and dessert buffet. The atmosphere is old school, and everything is pas mal, meaning to say absolutely awesome. Chez Michel’s Breton-inspired fixed price dinner menu is also pas mal, especially for a date. While Le Pointe de Grouin is primarily wine and small plates, you can belly up to the bar and have a breaded pig snout, for the namesake (le pointe de grouin), or a sticky Kouign Amann. And if you are lucky, they will roll you home in an old wine barrel.

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