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The Best Hotels In The 2ème Arrondissement, Paris
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The Best Hotels In The 2ème Arrondissement, Paris

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Updated: 4 January 2017
Nestled between the Opera and the Louvre, the 2ème arrondissement makes a perfect base for travelers to Paris. Wondering where to stay? Our guide to the district’s best hotels will take your breath away, as you discover that these are more than just places to sleep. From majestic palaces to original art concepts, we take you through the magic of this neighborhood’s best hotels.
Courtesy of l'Hôtel Edouard VII
Courtesy of l’Hôtel Edouard VII

Edouard 7

Edward VII, King of England and son of Queen Victoria, was a devoted lover of the City of Light. To give expression to his admiration, this elegant man with exquisite taste created the Edouard 7. Built in 1877 and renovated by Christophe Daudré in 2012, this Haussmannian building is perhaps one of the most stylish hotels in the city, boasting an amazing view of the Opera and designed with the veritable spirit of haute couture. The paintings, velvet elements and the deep blue tones add a classy touch and let you take in the sensual style of the beautiful Edouard 7.

39 Avenue de l’Opéra, 75002 París, France, +33 1 42 61 56 90

Courtesy of Hotel Bachaumont
Courtesy of Hotel Bachaumont

Hotel Bachaumont

Montorgueil is well known as one of the most bobo (short for bourgeois bohemian) areas in Paris, and hosts the brand new Hotel Bachaumont. Full of history, this building once neighbored the largest markets in France, and accommodated traders and doctors. Later it became a hospital, and today it has reopened with a luxury chic concept, adding to the classy image of the neighborhood. The modern interior showcases exquisite decoration and elegant taste. Dorothee Meilichzon designed the restaurant’s interior – you can admire the chefs through the majestic open kitchen. The restaurant offers French cuisine, but be sure to try to cocktails, which are sensual creations of the famous Experimental Group.

18 Rue Bachaumont, 75002 Paris, France, +33 1 81 66 47 00

Courtesy of Park Hyatt Paris Vendôme
Courtesy of Park Hyatt Paris Vendôme

Park Hyatt Paris Vendôme

The Park Hyatt is located next to Place Vendôme, the magnificent square designed by the architect of Versailles’ Hall of Mirrors, and home to an infamous column erected by Napoleon. This is one of the most luxurious 5-star hotels in Paris and has been classified a Palace Hotel. Ministers, presidents, royalty, and acclaimed artists are part of their regular clientele. Created by Ed Tuttle, this masterpiece is a combination of classic and contemporary style, and boasts several exquisite restaurants: Michelin-starred Pur by Jean-Francois Rouquette, Les Orchidées, and La Terrasse.

5 Rue de la Paix, 75002 París, France, +33 1 58 71 12 34

Hotel Les Théâtres

The 2nd arrondissement is quite famous for its numerous theaters, and this 4-star concept hotel was created to honor this artistic neighborhood. Each of the 38 rooms are decorated in theatrical style with posters, art prints, vintage elements, and Molière paintings. Every space is designed to make you feel drama, from the box-office reception and warm spot-lit halls, to the hammam camouflaged as the backstage. The stage is yours!

98 Rue De Clery, 75002 París, France, +33 1 44 82 50 82

Courtesy of La Maison Favart, Paris
Courtesy of La Maison Favart, Paris

La Maison Favart

This lovely hotel holds a captivating secret: it is the setting for the true romantic story of the most famous couple in the history of Parisian theater. In 1745, actress Justine Duronceray and Charles-Simon Favart, the director of the Comic Opera , fell in love whilst performing Les Fêtes Publiques and married later that same year. This hotel reproduces the classical 18th-century style of the lovers thanks to details found in each space. A fascinating option that will definitely make you forget the stress and routine of modern life.

5 Rue Marivaux, 75002 París, France, +33 1 42 97 59 83

Courtesy of Hôtel de Noailles
Courtesy of Hôtel de Noailles

Golden Tulip Opéra de Noailles

Gigantic snails at the entrance, huge orange bears on the patio, a red crocodile at the lobby bar and tortoises climbing the walls of the reception? These contemporary works of art are creations of Cracking Art Collectif by the famous William Sweetlove, and give this family-friendly hotel a sense of playful-chic. Art lovers shouldn’t miss the temporary collections and exhibitions organized by the hotel throughout the year.

9 rue de la Michodière, 75002 París, France, +33 1 47 42 92 90

Le 123 Sébastopol – Astotel

This concept hotel has a striking theme. Walking into the reception, there’s a fabulous movie atmosphere that combines classic cinema with contemporary technology. Between actors, composers, screenwriters and producers, each floor bears the name of an iconic cinematic figure. In the basement level, there’s a projection room named after acclaimed French producer Gérard Oury. Don’t miss the hand prints of famous actors on the golden leaf background.

123 Boulevard Sébastopol, 75002 París, France, +33 1 40 39 61 23