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Courtesy of Le Meurice
Courtesy of Le Meurice

The Best Hotels In Paris' 1st Arrondissement

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Updated: 9 February 2017
The first arrondissement of Paris was, once upon a time, home to the King, and with its high-end shops, intricate architecture and posh restaurants, you may think the sleeping quarters are still reserved for such hierarchy. However, quite a bit has changed since the 17th century, and the 1st now boasts a large selection of hotels ready to welcome you with open arms – royal or not – during your Paris stay, with accommodation to suit all budgets – and tastes. We have carefully crafted a list of the best hotels in the 1st arrondissement. From high-end luxury to quirky and budget-friendly, they’ve got everything to help make your nights in Paris just as pleasurable as your days.

Le Meurice

The crème de la crème of traditionally styled places to stay in the 1st is Le Meurice, a five-star 19th-century palace-turned-hotel in a prime location opposite Les Jardin de Tuileries. Le Meurice is part of the highly esteemed Dorchester group and offers all you would expect from such an establishment, with a three-star Michelin restaurant, an on-site spa, and incredible suites that would rival even that of the King’s. The place simply exudes class, luxury and grandeur, and its prices reflect that. With rooms starting from over 800 euros a night, Le Meurice is a place most people can only dream of; however, it certainly does make for pretty dreams.

Le Meurice, 228 Rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris, France, +33 1 44 58 10 10


Courtesy of Le Meurice


Restaurant Le Dali Salle C Pierre Monetta

Courtesy of Le Meurice

Hotel Mayfair Paris

If you’re after that traditional, regal French style but can’t quite stretch your budget to a stay at Le Meurice, Hotel Mayfair Paris is the next best thing, offering rooms from around 165 euros per night. Ideally located right next to metro Concorde, morning walks in the Tuileries Gardens – just two minutes away – will be a dream you can now make a reality. The rooms are decorated in a simple yet elegant and classic way, and while admittedly less grand than Le Meurice, the quality here is still top notch, and you’re sure to love waking up in one of these plush rooms every morning.

Hotel Mayfair Paris, 3 Rue Rouget de Lisle, 75001 Paris, France, +33 1 42 60 38 14

The Golden Tulip Washington Opera

Staying traditional and seeping with history is The Golden Tulip Washington Opera, the ex-mansion of no other than Mme de Pompadour, the former mistress of Louis XV. Situated just behind the Palais Royal Gardens, the location is just as grand as the place itself, and with its oak furniture, marble bathrooms and plush, coordinated textiles, you’re sure to feel like royalty in no time. With prices starting from 200 euros a night, feeling like a queen has never been easier.

The Golden Tulip Washington Opera, 50 Rue de Richelieu, 75001 Paris, France, +33 1 42 96 68 06

Hotel Prince Albert Louvre

The 1st arrondissement is so glamorous that even those among you with smaller budgets need not to compromise on your tastes when choosing a hotel. Hotel Prince Albert Louvre offers rooms from around 70 euros a night, and while slightly less central, situated to the left of metro Pyramides, it offers a paired-back, classic Parisian style that is sure to appeal to the more traditional customer. The rooms are simple but maintain vintage, French interiors, which are sure to make your experience an authentic one.

Hotel Prince Albert Louvre, 5 Rue Saint-Hyacinthe, 75001 Paris, France, +33 1 42 61 58 36

Hotel Thérèse

Right next to the beautiful Palais Royal, and appropriately so, sits Hotel Thérèse, a divinely decorated four-star hotel that will make you feel like a true 21st-century Parisian during your stay. Light, soft colors, unusual materials and statement furniture are used throughout to create a modern yet serene and calming atmosphere comparable to that of some of Paris’ most fancy apartments across the city. While slightly less central, to the left of the Palais Royal, with prices starting from just 150 euros a night, it’s an excellent choice to enjoy a beautiful place at an affordable price.  

Hotel Thérèse, 5-7 Rue Thérèse, 75001 Paris, France, +33 1 42 96 10 01


Courtesy of Hotel Thérèse



Courtesy of Hotel Thérèse

Hotel Crayon

The phrase ‘It’s all in the name’ couldn’t be truer for Hotel Crayon; using bright colors to offer a ‘color-block style’ and a mix of vintage and modern furniture, the design of this quirky little boutique hotel really is unique. Closer to the Les Halles neighborhood of the 1st arrondissement, it puts you in the ideal location to explore both sides of what the 1st has to offer – with vintage shops and independent cafés, bars and restaurants to your right and the more stately, regal part of the area to your left, surrounding Le Louvre – all within walking distance. A true gem, with affordable prices, the three-star Hotel Crayon truly is one of a kind.  

Hotel Crayon, 25 Rue du Bouloi, 75001 Paris, France, +33 1 42 36 54 19



Courtesy of Hotel Crayon



Courtesy of Hotel Crayon

Hotel Odyssey

If you don’t want to feel like you’re in Paris – or on planet Earth for that matter – Hotel Odyssey will transport you to another world. With a focus on serenity through the use of clean lines and soft curves, the rooms are capsule-like, with the smallest double room being appropriately named ‘Cocoon Room’, with clever, compact furnishing and minimalistic style. It’s the eccentric choice of color on the walls and furnishings and the bold lighting that bring these rooms to life. Located near Les Halles, and with all rooms offering views, Hotel Odyssey offers a unique experience for the young and daring amongst you from just 120 euros a night.

Hotel Odyssey, 19 Rue Hérold, 75001 Paris, France, +33 1 42 36 04 02

The Mandarin Oriental

While Le Meurice is the King of traditional, The Mandarin Oriental is without a doubt its modern counterpart. Having hosted many celebrities over the years, The Mandarin Oriental is simply sublime. Located on Rue St. Honoré, it sits among boutiques from some of the most renowned brands in the fashion industry on one of the most stylish streets in the world. An on-site spa and fitness studio, Bang and Olufsen in-room entertainment systems and even a ‘pillow-menu’, there is nothing The Mandarin Oriental doesn’t offer, and with prices starting at over 900 euros a night, it’s probably a good thing.

The Mandarin Oriental, 251 Rue Saint Honoré, 75001 Paris, France, +33 1 70 98 78 88