The 6 Best Airbnbs in Paris

Paris is home to some of the most elegant and exciting places to stay in the world
Paris is home to some of the most elegant and exciting places to stay in the world | © Francois Roux / Alamy Stock Photo
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1 July 2019

The French capital is home to some of the most elegant and exciting places to stay in the world. From homes with rustic furnishings to more sumptuous interiors, here’s our pick of the best Airbnbs in Paris.

Make yourself at home in a Marie Antoinette-style boudoir

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Marie Antoinette style boudoir
Sleep in a Marie Antoinette-style boudoir | © Isabel / Airbnb

Located within walking distance of the Musée de l’Orangerie, the Louvre and the Musée d’Orsay, this stunning one-bedroom apartment is French elegance at its best. With grand panelled doors and polished herringbone floorboards throughout, plus opulent draped fabrics and decorative antique furniture, these lodgings offer grace and grandeur at every turn. Live out your royal fantasy in this sophisticated, regal apartment.

Enjoy a lavish escape in this Haussmann-style two-bedroom apartment

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Two-bedroom apartment
This two-bedroom apartment revels in lavishness and luxury | © Airbnb

If you’re looking for luxury in even greater abundance, then look no further than this two-bedroom apartment. Next to the bustling terrace cafés of Canal Saint-Martin and located on the second floor of a Haussmann-style building with an elevator, the apartment revels in lavishness and luxury. From the draping curtains to the dangling chandeliers, from the frames to the furniture, right down to its handles and hooks, there is gold wherever you look. The sense of sumptuousness is complemented by the red velvet chairs and matching cushions, along with an antique grand piano.

Immerse yourself in the Medieval past of the Marais

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15th-century Airbnb
This 15th-century Airbnb near Notre Dame feels like a secret refuge | © Airbnb

While perhaps not as gold as some of the other Airbnbs on the list, this beautiful Airbnb in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris, in the lively Marais district, feels like a secret refuge tucked away like a sophisticated cave beneath the bustle of the streets above. The walls of this 15th-century, historically listed building flaunt original stone architecture, wooden beams and Medieval vaults heralding an ancient past. Following the steps down to reach the dining room space makes you feel as if you’ve been whisked back a few centuries, reliving the Paris of Esmeralda and the Hunchback of Notre-Dame, especially as you’re just a short walk away from the monument itself.

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  • Marvel at gorgeous artwork in your very own mansion

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    Five-bedroom mansion
    This five-bedroom mansion is exceptional for many reasons | © Airbnb

    Just a stone’s throw away from the famous Panthéon and the beautiful Jardin du Luxembourg, this five-bedroom mansion is exceptional for many reasons. Spanning an epic 232 square metres (2,500 square feet), and with sweeping high ceilings, the mansion is a marvellous example of French refinement. It has attracted a wealth of writers and artists over the years, who come to soak up the splendour of the incredible architecture. The retro lamps and furniture give an Art Deco feel, and there are bicycles you can borrow. Visitors can even have a go on the guitars and pianos.

    Gaze at the Eiffel Tower from this stylish modern apartment

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    Stylish modern apartment
    This is a stylish, modern apartment with a view of the Eiffel Tower | © Florence / Airbnb

    Imagine waking up, opening your French shutter windows and then gazing at the Eiffel Tower as it rises into the Parisian sky. A short walk away from the famous Champs-Élysées boulevard and located inside a prestigious historic building on the banks of the River Seine, this stylish and modern Airbnb boasts a brilliant view of the tower. Throughout the lounge, dining room, bedroom and private bathroom, you’ll notice the interiors are bursting with vibrant colours, with wild floral prints across the walls and fabrics, as well as across the bathroom wall tiles.

    Discover this historic yet hip and modern loft suite near the Opera

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    Loft-suite Airbnb
    This quirky loft-suite Airbnb is a little different | © Airbnb

    This quirky loft-suite Airbnb is a little different from some of the other centuries-old apartments on our list. The 17th-century building in the centre of Paris is a few footsteps away from the Paris Opera, and you’ll be able to bask in the glory of a refurbished trendy apartment, fully equipped with contemporary comforts. Rather than a stuffy sense of prestige, there’s an airy open-minded spirit to the eclectic mix of influences here, with Buddhism and rock’n’roll inspiring the space. There’s even a quaint little courtyard you can use.

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