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Crepes | © Carlosficto/Flickr
Crepes | © Carlosficto/Flickr
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Where To Try The 10 Best Crêpes In Paris

Picture of Kelsey MacAulay
Updated: 30 September 2016
The significance of a great French crêpe lies both in its composition and origin. Dating back to the 13th century, Breton buckwheat galettes and sweet crêpes have undergone little evolution since the time of their inception. Since then, they have been created in an almost unwavering ethic, from how the dishes are cooked to where the ingredients originate from. Today, the beauty of the dish is not only in the delicate buttery layers of the crêpe itself, but in the perpetuation of the French culture through its consumption. So save yourself from the throngs of junky Parisian crêpe stands by checking out one of these awesome establishments.
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La Crêperie Bretonne

Closely situated to the Montparnasse Tower, La Crêperie Bretonne has been serving the neighbourhood since 1937. Family owned and operated, the cheerful brick walled interior serves up hot and fresh plates of homemade crêpes accompanied by a large selection of ciders. As their establishment is a traditional Breton crêperie, it is safe for gluten free individuals to eat the sarrassin, or buckwheat, galettes which don’t actually contain any gluten. Try their simple but rich Camembert crêpe or the hearty ‘Bigoudène’ made of smoked Andouille Gueméné sausage and roasted apples. For dessert, try the chestnut cream crêpe and watch your Nutella cravings become a thing of the past.

La Crêperie Bretonne - © Kelsey MacAulay

La Crêperie Bretonne – © Kelsey MacAulay

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Le Petit Josselin

Situated in the heart of Montparnasse is Le Petit Josselin. The establishment offers hearty traditional Breton fare packaged in a slightly outdated look. Be prepared to snuggle up close to your neighbour as the restaurant will likely be packed. But the service is quick so you won’t be waiting long. Décor aside, the crêpes arrive hot, fresh, and are simply delicious.

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La Petite Bretonne

The name says it all with La Petite Bretonne. It’s a small, quintessentially Breton crêperie with timber framing, cozy wooden tables, and traditional clay tableware. Former managers of Le Petite Josselin, the husband and wife duo decided to try their own hand at authentic crêpes and galettes with tremendous success. Their place is typically packed with locals and tourists lucky enough to have stumbled upon it while venturing the Latin Quarter. If you can’t get enough, their site has the recipe online for how to make them by the hundred.

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Crêperie Bretonne Fleurie de l’Epouse du Marin

The hilariously named ‘flower-filled Breton crêperie run by a sailor’s wife’ thankfully provides mouthfuls as hearty as its moniker. Situated in the 11th arrondissement, this crêperie looks like it’s out of a 19th-century sailor’s den complete with old navigation maps, painted buoys, and a clay mascot of a sailor smoking a pipe. There are limited tables but once seated at a wooden booth you’ll find an exhaustive list of options on the menu. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, go with the classic gruyere and ham or any of the dessert crêpes with the house chocolate sauce.

67 Rue de Charonne, 75011 Paris, + 33 01 43 55 62 29

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Chez Imogène

A charming gem nestled in the 11th arrondissement, Chez Imogène is a lively haunt stuffed with people and good food. Located on a corner, the bright blue establishment is showered with light through its large windows, making it a pleasant atmosphere for lunch as well as dinner. The crêpes are thin and crispy while still maintaining a delicate tenderness. The open kitchen lets you admire the chefs in action, if by chance you tire of the ample people watching opportunities in the café itself.

25 Rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud, 75011 Paris, + 33 01 48 07 14 59

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Breizh Café

Breizh Café focuses on quality organic ingredients, presentation, and authenticity. It’s no wonder the café’s leather bar stools are usually packed with foodie friends sharing a meal. The unfussy wooden interior matches the rustic yet elegant presentation of the crêpes served alone on muted porcelain dishes. Try the smoked herring galette with St. Malo potatoes and the white chocolate mousse and matcha tea crêpe served with strawberries. Be sure to accompany your meal with a selection of one of their more than 60 ciders.

109 Rue Vieille du Temple, 75003 Paris, + 33 01 42 72 13 77

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West Country Girl

West Country Girl is a simple no frills establishment serving quality food at reasonable prices. A bit off the beaten path, it’s tucked away on a forgotten street of the 11th arrondissement by the Père-Lachaise cemetery. While popular for both lunch and dinner, opt for dessert as the house is known for its homemade butter carmel sauce. Try the baked apple crêpe as the fruit arrives whole and oozing with the famed delicious homemade caramel.

6 Passage Saint-Ambroise, 75011 Paris, + 33 01 47 00 72 54

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Au P’tit Grec

Au P’tit Grec is a very causal establishment with a very long line. Thankfully, by the time it’s your turn to order you’ll have worked up an appetite. The house is known for serving up massive crêpes stuffed to the sides with meat, cheese, and vegetables or any combination of sweets you desire. After ordering, make friends with the locals under the canopy of hanging flower baskets or take your crêpe to go if you’re eager to explore. Either way, plan on taking a breather after this marathon of a meal.

68 Rue Mouffetard, 75005 Paris, + 33 06 50 24 69 34

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Crêperie Mad Eo

Walking inside Crêperie Mad Eo you’ll immediately notice this Breton style crêperie has chosen a chic and modern aesthetic. A central, wrought iron staircase leads you to the main, white-walled dining hall set with steel cafeteria chairs. While the interior has gotten an update, the menu maintains a very traditional core. Spearheaded by owner Stéphane Coulon, the establishment sources ingredients almost exclusively from Brittany. Stéphane has taken care to create relationships with the farms he works with, ensuring the house is getting the tastiest ingredients his native terroir has to offer. This effort does not go unnoticed as each plate bursts with flavour, from the silken strands of salted butter caramel to the juicy quality of pork in their savoury dishes. While only using organic ingredients does make for a higher price point, the quality and flavor shine through inside or on top of every crisp yet fluffy crêpe.

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Crêperie Brocéliande

After the climb to Sacré-Cœur at the top of Montmartre, reward yourself with a treat from Crêperie Brocéliande just a five minute walk down the way. On the savoury end of the spectrum, try the smoked duck and foie gras with walnuts. If you have a sweet tooth or are just popping in for dessert, the orange crêpe flambé is a must. Regardless of what you order, the service will be as quick and welcoming as the food is delicious.

15 Rue des Trois Frères, 75018 Paris, +33 01 42 23 31 34