Take Our Quiz and Find Out if You Are More Suited to Paris or London

London and Paris: two iconic European cities that you’ve always dreamed of traveling to. But which one suits you best? Before you book your dream trip, take our quiz to find out!
1. In your spare time you –

A) Sit in a café discussing philosophy.

B) Excessively Instagram new foodie experiences.

C) Explore art galleries and vintage markets.
2. Breakfast for you is –

A) An espresso and a croissant.

B) Poached egg on avocado toast and a flat white.

C) Granola and a green juice.
3. Someone asks to borrow your Oyster, you –

A) Take them to a seafood restaurant.

B) Avoid eye contact, tut and walk away—even though you have seven spare in your pocket.

C) Bring them to the TFL booth and help them get one.

4. An hour for lunch is –

A) A human right, you do it every day, usually with a small glass of red wine to accompany your sit-down meal.

B) Are you crazy? I never leave my desk.

C) Something you’ll try and do most days, especially when it’s sunny.
5. Summer in your city is –

A) Not your thing—you head to the sea instead!

B) A great excuse to day-drink and enjoy sunshine barbeques.

C) The perfect time to explore hidden gems and eat al fresco.
6. How would you describe your style?

A) Relaxed and undone.

B) Powerful and eye-catching.

C) Chic and individual.
7. The Eiffel Tower is –

A) An ugly mark on a beautiful landscape.

B) The ultimate selfie spot.

C) A cool place to visit, with great views of Paris.


Mostly As – Parisian

For you, chic is a state of mind and times of year are referred to by fashion seasons. You take good food seriously and would be lost without your morning espresso. Whether you spend time strolling down the Seine, stopping off in beautiful local bookshops or discovering hidden works of art inside the Musée d’Orsay, Paris is your perfect match.

Mostly Bs – Londoner

The weather dominates your outlook on everything, and you love to discuss it. You always have a packed schedule and spend most nights at trendy new openings—so trainers are your essential fashion item. You’re habitually polite, and definitely partial to a cup of tea in the afternoon, but are as likely to spend a weekend checking out pop-ups as you are to go to Harrods.

Mostly Cs – Euro Explorer

Effortlessly balancing the ambition of Londoners with the nonchalant attitude of Parisians, you are just as in your element at a new immersive cocktail experience as you are at a relaxed neighborhood café. You combine cool style with comfort and have an outfit for every occasion. There’s so many exciting new places to discover—and you want to explore them all!

Whether you’re a Londoner, Parisian or Euro Explorer, you don’t have to choose between the two cities. With Eurostar, you can journey from city center to city center in under two and a half hours.

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