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Paris cityscape at sunset │ © skeeze/Pixabay
Paris cityscape at sunset │ © skeeze/Pixabay
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Paris Named Top City For A 24-Hour Fling

Picture of Paul McQueen
Updated: 9 February 2017
Finally, it’s official: Paris is the world’s most desirable city. According to a new survey by, just under a third of people (29%) would choose the French capital if they were able to travel anywhere on the planet for just 24 hours.

The City of Light, Love, and Labels came in ahead of its closest rivals by a handsome three percent margin. In second place, perhaps unused to being pushed out of the top spot, was New York with just over a quarter (26%) of the votes. Clearly, what the Eiffel Tower lacks in size compared to Manhattan’s skyscrapers, it makes up for in charm. Tokyo rounded out the top three, with global travelers equally excited about spending the night in the world’s most populous metropolis.

The research aimed to uncover not only where people would go for a one-night stand within the city of their choice, but what kind of accommodation they would look for and what they would do once they got there.

On the first of these additional questions, travelers had some rather peculiar preferences. While almost half (47%) longed for a chilled out beach house ambiance, almost as many (46%) would love the chance to stay in a historic castle for the night. For 40% of respondents, a houseboat would be the ideal crash pad and an amazingly high 37% of people would prefer subaquatic accommodation. Paris may not have much in the way of castles, but one of its newest hotels, the riverside OFF Paris Seine, should go some way towards satisfying the desire for wetter-than-average accommodation.

Unsurprisingly, take money out of the equation and most people would opt to live the life of a celebrity. Nearly a third of people would want to fly into Le Bourget on a private jet (30%), have dinner at one of the city’s Michelin-starred restaurants (33%), and then party into the small hours with fellow jet-setters at an exclusive nightclub (32%). All this before climbing between luxurious sheets like those found at Les Dames du Panthéon or Le Squara.

One finding that has raised eyebrows, however, is that people would be willing to pay an average of £598 ($740, or €701) in order to spend just 24 hours in their dream destination. For half of them, a 5-star hotel like The Lancaster on the Champs-Élysées would, nevertheless, be a must.

All of this comes as welcome news to Parisians, and particularly local hotel owners, who have witnessed a massive drop in the number of tourists visiting the city since the terrorist attacks in 2015. It’s a sign that Paris is coming out of its darkest days in recent history and looking forward to a fresh start in 2017.