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Macaroons |© Coralie Ferreira/Flickr
Macaroons |© Coralie Ferreira/Flickr
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The 10 Paris Patisseries You'll Fall In Love With

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Updated: 1 December 2016
The city of love, art and creativity, Paris has much to offer in the way of beauty, romanticism and, of course, gourmet cuisine. With a lengthy tradition for creating and presenting the very best pastries, foods and wines, it is often an almost impossible task to whittle the selection down. We discover ten of the best pâtisseries in the city of light that really satisfy the sweet tooth.
Carl Marletti |© hpt-photo/Flickr
Carl Marletti | © hpt-photo/Flickr
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Carl Marletti

Established by a connoisseur in the art, Carl Marletti is a fantastic pâtisserie which focuses on beautiful presentation, absolute precision and an incredible flavor. Perfect for those wishing for aesthetic and gastronomic perfection, Carl Marletti is unusual in its combination of color and scent: in honor of his florist partner, Marletti often adds scent to traditional pastries to create something entirely new, such as the ‘Lily Valley’ (a St Honoré cake with the scent of violet). Though it is his Lemon Tart that won him an award, there are other products that are definitely worth trying within the shop itself, such as his specialty vanilla millefeuilles, éclairs, and the signature ‘Marletti’ (dacquoise biscuit with coconut, vanilla cream and red fruits).

Carl Marletti, 51 Rue Censier, Paris, France, +33 1 43 31 68 12

Square Trousseau, Paris |© Esther Westerveld/Flickr
Square Trousseau, Paris | © Esther Westerveld/Flickr
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Blé Sucré

Small yet renowned, Blé Sucré has reached a quasi-cult status for all those itinerant gourmands who wish to try the very best of breads and cakes in Paris. Placed in a ‘quaint’ and picturesque part of Paris, the superior quality of the products served, combined with a charming atmosphere (especially if you eat on their terrace overlooking the Square Trousseau), and excellent, friendly service make Blé Sucré a delight. Special mention must go to their glazed madeleines, croissants, and dark chocolate slabs, all of which are said to be so good that they alone are worthy of a trip to Paris.

Blé Sucré, 7 Rue Antoine Vollon, Paris, France, +33 1 43 40 77 73

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Des Gâteaux et Du Pain

Des Gâteaux et Du Pain‘s ethos is to create exciting, feminine, delicate, gorgeous new pastries. Claire Damon is the creative force behind the entire enterprise and has been acclaimed across France for her successful fusions of traditional and modern to make something refreshing. A notable example of her successes includes the ‘Lipstick Clair-Obscur’ (a mixture of crushed almonds, coffee mousseline, orange blossom flavoured crème brûlée, ladyfingers, and coffee chantilly cream), which is praised for the harmony of its ingredients and its refreshing flavor.

Des Gâteaux et Du Pain, 63 Boulevard Pasteur, Paris, France, +33 1 45 38 94 16

Hôtel Plaza Athénée, Paris |© Ethan Prater/Flickr
Hôtel Plaza Athénée, Paris | © Ethan Prater/Flickr
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Hôtel Plaza Athénée

Established in 1911 and boasting a beautiful view overlooking the Champs-Elysees and Eiffel Tower, the Hôtel Plaza Athénée houses the beautiful and renowned La Galerie restaurant. With a wide range of choices from breakfasts, to light lunches, and little sweet treats, La Galerie is best known for its very own version of Afternoon Tea, which offers a mouth-watering array of meringues, little cakes, brioches and iced fancies. Perfect for those wishing for that pleasant blend of chic beauty, conviviality and liveliness, La Galerie combines quality and splendor to create an unforgettable experience.

Hôtel Plaza Athénée, 25 Avenue Montaigne, Paris, France, +33 1 53 67 66 65

Hugo & Victor's Pink Grapefruit Tart |© Joy/Flickr
Hugo & Victor’s Pink Grapefruit Tart | © Joy/Flickr
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Hugo & Victor

Having obtained a reputation for creativity and elegance, Hugo & Victor is a very popular pâtisserie that prides itself on its intensity of flavor. Classy and beautifully presented, the quality of its baked goods is enhanced by the fantastic presentation boxes and packages, some of which are a compulsory experiences in themselves (especially the Moleskin notebook-esque boxes for their gourmet chocolates). The classic yet creative simplicity of their products, such as the praline escargot pastry, are in a class of their own.

Hugo & Victor, 40 Boulevard Raspail, Paris, France, +33 1 44 39 97 73

La Bague de Kenza |© Flavio Ensiki/Flickr
La Bague de Kenza | © Flavio Ensiki/Flickr
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La Bague de Kenza

A leader in its field, La Bague de Kenza is noted for its dazzling array of sweets and pastries that are specifically inspired by and based upon Algerian fare. Offering a range of over two hundred baked goods, the explosive flavor which comes from ingredients such as sticky honey, nuts, semolina, and dates, seasoned with fragrant hints of oranges and roses, is a sheer delight. A wonderful combination of the exotic and the sweet, this pâtisserie is the perfect choice for those looking for something a little outside of traditional French fare.

La Bague de Kenza, 106 Rue Saint-Maur, Paris, France, +33 1 43 14 93 15

Salted Caramel Eclairs at L'éclair de Génie, Paris |© Bex Walton/Flickr
Salted Caramel Eclairs at L’éclair de Génie, Paris | © Bex Walton/Flickr
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L’éclair de Génie

L’éclair de Génie, as its name hints, specializes in eclairs; though an enduring favorite with the French since the 19th century, in modern times it has often been eclipsed by prettier treats, dismissed as being rather old school. This is not the case with Christophe Adam however, the pioneer of L’éclair de Génie, who has been hugely successful in his modernization of the classic eclair. With noteworthy new flavors such as the yuzu, salted caramel and popcorn eclairs, Adam has outdone himself in his creativity.

L’éclair de Génie, 14 Rue Pavée, Paris, France, +33 1 42 77 85 11

The Culture Trip
Macarons, French Made Mini-Cakes | © Nicolas Halftermeyer/WIkicommons
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Maison Desgranges

The ultimate in Parisian modishness, Maison Desgranges is famed for its ability to produce the simplest of products: the classic baguette. Maison Desgranges has won awards and acclaim for its success in baguettes however, it would be unfair to praise it on its breads alone. Its charming array of cakes and pastries, such as their flaky almond cakes and their macarons, offers unparalleled beauty and class . They are deservedly dubbed the ‘architects of tastes’, blending differing textures, colors, contrasts and flavors together in unusual and exciting ways.

Maison Desgranges, 6 Rue de Passy, Paris, France, +33 1 42 88 35 82

Roasted Coconut Marshmallow |© Kate Hopkins/Flickr
Roasted Coconut Marshmallow | © Kate Hopkins/Flickr
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Pain de Sucre

Literally named ‘Sugarloaf’ in French, Pain de Sucre is an explosion of all that is exciting and ever so slightly quirky in the world of pastry. This venue is especially well-known for its exciting range of tastes in marshmallows, such as chicory, saffron, chilli pepper, angelica, and whiskey to name a very small few. This principle of abundant flavor can also be seen in other products: their breads are simply bursting with the tastes of fruits, nuts and grains.

Pain de Sucre, 14 Rue de Rambuteau, Paris, France, +33 1 45 74 68 92

Pâtisserie Stohrer |© Kimberly Vardeman/Flickr
Pâtisserie Stohrer | © Kimberly Vardeman/Flickr
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A national treasure in itself, Stohrer partially earns its fame from being the oldest pâtisserie in Paris. founded in 1730 after Marie Antoinette traveled to France, bringing her trusted pastry chef ‘Stohrer’ with her, who founded the shop five years after settling in the French capital. In keeping with its tradition of quality and dedication, Stohrer earns the rest of its reputation from the excellent quality of its cakes and its innovation. It’s also the birthplace of the ‘baba au rhum.’

Stohrer, 51 Rue Montorgueil, Paris, France, +33 1 42 33 38 20