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Objets d’Art: Ten of the Most Exciting Parisian Design Galleries
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Objets d’Art: Ten of the Most Exciting Parisian Design Galleries

Picture of Sophie Finney
Updated: 26 October 2016
Parisian art galleries may soon find their rival in new design galleries. As a growing trend in the french art scene, design galleries exhibit furniture, objets d’art, curios, textiles, and more. The following featured galleries were all present at Design Miami/Basel 11-16 June 2013, and specialize in designs ranging from mid-century Art Deco, to post-modernism, and right up to contemporary design.

Galerie Maria Wettergren

A relatively young gallery, Galerie Maria Wettergren opened its doors in 2010 and specializes in contemporary Scandinavian design and art, and exhibits unique and limited-edition works. The gallery believes that it is important to recognise the interdisciplinary dialogue that arises between design, art, craft and architecture, particularly in recent years. Combining innovative methods of production with high-tech materials and outstanding design, these designers are at the forefront of their field. Highlighting the works and collaborations of contemporary designers and artists, Galerie Maria Wettergren exhibits the best and most exciting examples of this phenomenon.

18 rue Guénégaud, Paris, 75006, France, +33677632881


Galerie Anne-Sophie Duval

Considered to be one of the first Parisian galleries to have taken an active part in the rediscovery of French Art Deco Design, Galerie Anne-Sophie Duval has exhibited in its prestigious space on quai Malanquais for forty years. The gallery presents a selection of the best designers from early 20th Century decorative arts, ranging from Eileen Gray to Jean-Michel Frank. Additionally, they now promote mid-century designers, seeing them as an important point of reference for the shaping of modern design. From the French and German pioneers of Modernism to sculptural ceramics, Galerie Anne-Sophie Duval is always at the forefront of Art Deco and Modernist design.

5, quai Malaquais, Paris, 75006, France, +33677112724


Franck Laigneau

Specialising in Jugendstil and artists’ colonies from the turn of the 20th Century, Franck Laigneau has over ten years of experience in the field. The gallery focuses particularly on design and art from Scandinavia, Germany and Finland, and believes that this period in art and design history is truly representative of historical design. Displaying iconic pieces from the turn of the century, Franck Laigneau recently looked to the Viking revival for the Design Miami/Basel 2013 exhibition. This interest in Viking legends and native language in Norway is seen to be the prelude to Scandinavian folk design.

29 rue de Bellechasse, Paris, 75007, France, +33611850297


Jousse Entreprise

Philippe Jousse has contributed to the growing recognition of mid-century Modernist designers such as Charlotte Perriand, Le Corbusier and Serge Mouille for some thirty years. With two galleries in Paris, Jousse Entreprise has been able to focus on a wide range of art and design, with the gallery on the rue de Seine being dedicated to furniture from the 1950s to the 1970s; the space at rue Saint-Claude is dedicated to contemporary art. This division of space has allowed Jousse Enterprise to become more specialised in each field, and it offers the best examples of mid-century architect-designed furniture, as well as lighting and textiles.

18 rue de Seine, Paris, 75006, France, +33153821360


Galerie kreo

Dedicated to artistic exploration in design, Galerie kreo produces and presents limited-edition pieces by a range of great contemporary designers. These pieces produced for Galerie kreo form part of the permanent collection, which is considered one of the most important private collections in design around the world. As well as championing contemporary design, the gallery also offers rare and exceptional vintage design pieces, including furniture, textiles and lighting from the 1950s to the present day. The curators, husband and wife Didier and Clémence Krzentowski, are experts in design and contemporary art, and their gallery is a classic example of a Parisian Design Gallery.

31 rue Dauphine, Paris, 75006, France, +33153102300


Galerie BSL – Béatrice Saint-Laurent

Established in Paris, Galerie BSL focuses on unique commissions and limited edition pieces that explore the borders between art and design. The gallery can relate to all aspects of product design, and they often exhibit pieces that walk the line between sculpture and function whether it be furniture, lighting or jewelry. A part of the international avant-garde Design Art scene, Galerie BSL looks to encourage the revitalisation of historic traditions in design, such as the fine workmanship of the Decorative Arts. However this is not to say they exhibit objects of this era; the gallery champions emerging contemporary talent who adhere to the canon of fine workmanship.

23 rue Charlot, Paris, 75003, France, +33607454252


Galerie Downtown

Opened on the rue de Seine in 1982 by François Laffanour, Galerie Downtown specialises in iconic mid-century design. Laffanour realised early on that the works of Le Corbusier, Jean Prouvé, Charlotte Perriand and Pierre Jeanneret were hugely important to the design world. Thus he set about examining their careers in depth. These four people crossed the boundaries between architecture, design, industrial manufacture and craftsmanship, and their rediscovery is largely down to the tireless effort of Laffanour himself. As a result, his reputation has henceforth been intrinsically linked to architectural furniture and its importance to Modernism.

18 & 33 rue de Seine, Paris, 75006, France, +33246338241


Galerie Chastel-Maréchal

Galerie Chastel-Maréchal is dedicated to the conservation and rediscovery of the great French designers of the 20th Century, with particular attention paid to those from the 1930s to the 1960s. The range of artists and designers they exhibit gives a good overview of this period, and many of the works displayed are often very rare, having never been seen on the art market previously. This includes works from unusual designers such as Line Vautrin, famous in the 1950s for her highly sculptural mirrors. Often looking to the Baroque revival and Surrealism trends from the mid-century, Galerie Chastel-Maréchal provides an alternative to Modernism.

5 rue Bonaparte, Paris, 75006, France, +33632541401


Galerie Patrick Seguin

Galerie Patrick Seguin is monumental in size, occupying a space of 300 square metres. Founded in 1989, it was designed by Ateliers Jean Nouvel and is situated in the Bastille district of Paris. The gallery promotes the timeless and innovative work of such classic creators as Jean Prouvé, Pierre Jeanneret, Jean Royère and Le Corbusier throughout the world. With a reputation that is based on his professionalism and expertise on the subject, Patrick Seguin has in the past collaborated with some of the most prestigious museums worldwide. The size of the space enables him to display large scale architectural works, such as Prouvé’s innovative dismountable architecture of the 1950s.

5 rue des Taillandiers, Paris, 75011, France, +33147003235


Galerie Eric Philippe

Situated in the centre of Paris, Eric Philippe set up his gallery in 1980 and specialises in European and North American design from the 1920s to the 1970s. Ever since its first exhibition dedicated to Jean-Michel Frank held in its founding year, the gallery has displayed 25 main exhibitions. These have been dedicated to designers, architects and artistic movements that hold a special place within design history. Ever mindful of showing the style and specialities of each movement or period, Galerie Eric Philippe‘s expertise covers Decorative Arts, as well as specific designers such as Jean-Michel Frank or Frank Lloyd Wright.

25, galerie Véro-Dodat, Paris, 75001, France, +33142332826


By Sophie Finney