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Eddy de Pretto the rapper | Courtesy of Axel Morin
Eddy de Pretto the rapper | Courtesy of Axel Morin
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Meet Eddy de Pretto, Unorthodox Rapper Who's Stirring Up Paris

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Updated: 29 December 2017
Growing up in the outer suburbs of Paris is difficult, but Eddy de Pretto’s debut EP proclaims a beauty in everything – even the towering grey flats and high crime rate. While he self-identifies as a rapper, he’s carving out a sort of “non-genre” in a true sweep of musical genius.

What drew you into writing music when you were young?

I started out making music when I was young, with the true desire to perform on stage. Singing in front of people on stage has always been my biggest dream!

Eddy de Pretto | Courtesy of Axel Morin

Any genres and musicians who influence your sound?

My influences are a mix of two different worlds: the music my mum used to listen to at home, such as Jacques Brel and Edith Piaf… and then the music I used to listen to with my friends with a more urban vibe, such as Diam and Booba.

Eddy de Pretto | Courtesy of Axel Morin

In which Parisian venues did you first perform?

My first official date was on February 23, 2016, at Les Trois Baudets in Paris. It all started from there!

Eddy de Pretto | Courtesy of Axel Morin

Is there a beauty to the banlieue?

Yes, definitely, there’s a beauty in everything! I kept everything from there. It’s my pure DNA. From the people to the diversity and even the very worst memories, I decided that I wanted to turn them into something positive.

Eddy de Pretto | Courtesy of Axel Morin

Can you tell us about your new EP? How long have you been working on it?

I’ve been writing my debut EP called KID for over a year now. I’m in the studio finishing the production and recording the voices at the moment, and I’m very excited to hear the result. I can’t wait to play them on stage too.

Eddy de Pretto’s upcoming EP is called KID | Courtesy of Eddy de Pretto

What is unique about your sound?

It’s pretty hard to answer this question… But people usually say that my voice is very special. Probably because of its noisy touch! I’ve got music under my skin, I can’t explain why.

Eddy de Pretto | Vincent Ducard