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Meet Christina Chirouze, The Art Curator For Paris' Famous Caféothèque
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Meet Christina Chirouze, The Art Curator For Paris' Famous Caféothèque

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Updated: 16 December 2016
In search for Paris’ most interesting creatives, we found Franco-Guatemalan art curator, Christina Chirouze. Proud of her Latin American roots, but raised in France for most of her life, Christina’s personality is one memorable cultural mix that echo’s in her work as art curator of one Paris’ most renowned coffee institutions, La Caféothèque. We spoke to Christina about her love for coffee, art and travel.
Christina Chirouze I Courtesy of Christina Chirouze
Christina Chirouze I Courtesy of Christina Chirouze

TCT: Can you tell us a bit more about this wonderful coffee institution that you work for? and what is your role in La Caféothèque?

La Caféothèque is a place that beats to the rhythm of coffee. It is a coffee roastery, a coffee shop where you can taste high quality, fair traded coffee, it is also the first coffee school or barista school in Paris and finally, it is a cultural institution devoted to exploring and exhibiting new, talented artists. It was born in 2005 and now it has become a reference in the specialty coffee scene in France. It is a family run business, therefore my functions there are plenty! However, I am mainly in charge of organizing diverse cultural events surrounding coffee culture: exhibitions about coffee or by artists of the coffee world, conferences, workshops, and concerts. It is a very lively place and I love how it attracts people from very different fields and origins.

Christina leading a conference I © Ruben Grande/Courtesy of Christina Chirouze
Christina leading a conference I | © Ruben Grande/Courtesy of Christina Chirouze

TCT: What is the most unusual request you’ve had while working in La Caféothèque?

The most unusual request I’ve had is to organize a wedding in La Caféothèque. It was for a Tunisian couple, both successful professionals in Paris and very anti-traditional. They wanted an original place to celebrate their marriage and they asked me to rent our coffee shop for the night. La Caféothèque was beautifully decorated that day, with candles and white roses everywhere. One hundred guests danced to Arabic songs until 4 am – it was crazy! In the end I was exhausted but it was definitely worth it: the most beautiful day in this couple’s life took place in my cafe!

Live concert at La Caféothèque I Courtesy of Christina Chirouze
Live concert at La Caféothèque I Courtesy of Christina Chirouze

TCT: What advice would you give to someone who was trying to break into the business?

It would be to be passionate and transmit your passion everyday! Coffee and art are both about meeting people and being always attentive to details and quality, so without passion and love for others, this job would be a difficult path.

TCT: What’s next?

I am dreaming everyday of new projects for La Caféothèque. But the big picture would be, building more bridges between coffee producers, coffee drinkers, coffee makers (roasters or baristas) and artists! Because art, as coffee, is a part of our daily lives all over the world…

TCT: What is an artwork you would like to have in your living room?

An artwork I would like to have in my living room? I can’t think of ONE artwork. I would rather open my living room to street artists so they can create an enormous mural – and change it once in a while.

TCT: What is the most memorable moment from your career?

I loved organizing the celebration for La Caféothèque’s 10th anniversary. It took me (plus the help of a wonderful team) several months and a lot of energy but, it was worth everything. The activities started at 10 am and the party ended at midnight! In only one day we had 2 workshops, home made food tasting, 2 live concerts, a clown, a piñata, a special movie projection, a DJ, and of course delicious coffee all day long! It was also the opening of an exhibition of photography by the students of La Fototeca, a contemporary photography school based in Guatemala City and founded by one of my childhood friends. All the guests expressed their love and support to our company, and I really felt fulfilled that day!

Breakfast or dinner? Breakfast

Apple or Android? Apple

Picasso or Van Gogh? Van Gogh

Coffee or tea? Coffee!

Latin America or Europe (for travel)? Latin America

Gabriel García Márquez or Ernest Hemingway? Gabriel García Márquez

Visit La Caféothèque at 50-52 rue de l’Hôtel de Ville, 75004 Paris +33 (0)1 53 01 83 84

Opening hours: Monday- Saturday: 10am to 7:30pm, Sunday: Noon to 7:30pm