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The City of Lights |  © Pexels
The City of Lights | © Pexels
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It's Official: Paris Is The World's Best Destination

Picture of Jade Cuttle
Updated: 26 March 2018
Paris has officially landed the title it deserves as it has been revealed as the number one destination in the world for 2018. Dazzled by the sophisticated gastronomy, artistic charm, and cultural and historical richness, here’s why tourists are flocking in abundance.

Paris, the City of Romance, has just been revealed as the number one destination in the world, according to TripAdvisor, with London, Rome and Bali falling behind in 2nd, 3rd and 4th. A long favourite with art lovers and loved-up couples, its popularity has proven wider than thought.

The City of Lights | © Pexels

Boasting unique architectural masterpieces like the Notre Dame and Sacré-Coeur, mind-bending contemporary art galleries like Centre Pompidou, and not to mention the most visited museum in the world, The Louvre, it was only a matter of time before Paris won this prestigious award.

Unbelievable crowds | © Wikicommons

The famous Notre Dame cathedral entices 13.6 million visitors a year, and Montmartre’s Basilique du Sacré-Coeur isn’t far behind with 10.5 million – record visitor figures that stand in testament to its attraction.

The winners were determined thanks to a clever algorithm that analyses the millions of reviews and ratings for hotels, restaurants and attractions collected from TripAdvisor travellers across the world.

Sacre Coeur | © Wikicommons

What’s fascinating about this year’s ranking is that it shows just how much travellers are loving Europe, as the continent accounts for an impressive six of the top 10 destinations, beating the previous favourite of USA.

The results are also interesting because it proves that even after the multiple terror attacks Paris had suffered, when tourist figures drastically declined, the city is still a favourite.

Some figures released by the Regional Tourism Authority (CRT) even suggest that Paris is on the way up, growing in popularity.

Louvre | © Wikicommons

The wave of touristic influx started to increase after French President Emmanuel Macron declared an end to the country’s state of emergency almost two years after the 2015 Paris attacks, and data has shown tourists to be returning to the French capital in record numbers.

In fact, the numbers suggest Paris and the surrounding Île-de-France region to be on course to hit a 10-year tourism high.

World top 10:

1. Paris

2. London

3. Rome

4. Bali, Indonesia

5. Crete, Greece

6. Barcelona

7. Prague

8. Marrakech, Morocco

9. Istanbul

10. New York City

Europe top 10:

1. Paris

2. London

3. Rome

4. Crete, Greece

5. Barcelona

6. Prague

7. Istanbul

8. Lisbon

9. Majorca

10. Santorini, Greece