How Do Those Really Cool Parisian Arts Mags Get Set Up Anyway?

"The Steidz" Magazine Cover Issue 2 |© "The Steidz" Magazine
"The Steidz" Magazine Cover Issue 2 |© "The Steidz" Magazine
Photo of Jade Cuttle
28 September 2017

The Steidz is a Parisian magazine exploring contemporary aesthetics through the prism of mind-blowing images and inspiring text. With a radical focus on boundary-breaking, The Steidz‘ Editor-in-Chiefs tell us more about setting up a revolutionary arts journal.

The Steidz is the spell-binding Parisian arts magazine that anyone who’s interested in contemporary art should be reading. Often focusing on the emergence of a futuristic aesthetic, its pages spotlight the latest trends in art, fashion, design, sculpture, photography, publishing, painting, and much more.

“The Steidz” Magazine Cover Issue 1 | © The Steidz Magazine

Following the publication of its third annual edition, Maxime Gasnier and Sébastien Maschino, editor-in-chiefs, tell us about the journey of setting up a now leading arts magazine from scratch.

Has it been difficult to found a new contemporary arts magazine? What has been the most difficult aspect?

Maxime and Sébastien: The hardest thing is to have launched a paper magazine at a time when the web is devouring publishing media, and where, at the same time, they are multiplying. The print is for us a complementary object of the digital part, composed of a webzine where we cover the exhibitions and various interviews of artists throughout the year. Also, our Instagram is to be perceived as a notebook of inspirations.

“The Steidz” Magazine Cover Issue 2 | © "The Steidz" Magazine

What is special about The Steidz Magazine?

Maxime and Sébastien: We think The Steidz stands out for its strong graphic identity and a selection of contemporary artists. Coming from art, fashion, or design, the latter offer in our panorama of creation. They mix the mediums, divert the images, and orient them to new symbolics. The Steidz is a real showcase of those we think indispensable and find remarkable.

“The Steidz” Magazine Issue 1 | © The Steidz Magazine

Where does the name “Steidz” come from?

Maxime and Sébastien: Steidz is the English phonetic transcription of the word “stage” (steɪʤ). It refers to the stage, to the podium, to a platform of artists and creators.

“The Steidz” Magazine Cover Issue 3 | © The Steidz Magazine

Where do you discover these ground-breaking contemporary artists?

Maxime and Sébastien: We visit contemporary art fairs in France and abroad. The most interesting places to discover emerging talents are alternative structures such as NADA in New York or LIST in Basel. Unknown galleries exhibit innovative artists, young and international, which corresponds well to our identity.

Editor-In-Chief (middle) at “The Steidz” Magazine Launch Issue 3 | © The Steidz Magazine

Is running “The Steidz” Magazine your full-time job? What is the future of “The Steidz” Magazine?

Maxime: The Steidz is a parallel project to our professional activities. I am a journalist for several print and web magazines specializing in contemporary art, architecture, and graphic arts.

“The Steidz” Magazine Launch Issue 3 | © The Steidz Magazine

Sébastien: Beyond The Steidz, I am responsible for the arts and design sector in a publishing house specializing in architecture. In the future, we would like to develop new publishing materials and expand our curatorial approach.

“The Steidz” Magazine Launch Issue 3 | © The Steidz Magazine

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