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La Petite Ceinture 20éme | © Molli McConnell
La Petite Ceinture 20éme | © Molli McConnell

Hidden Paris: Photos Of The Famous Petite Ceinture

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Updated: 17 December 2016
Paris is known to many around the world as the City of Lights, a fashion capital, and a historical treasure-trove. But what some francophiles may not realize is that there are parts of Paris that are not as pleasing to the eye as the rest of the city, in the traditional sense. You may remember reading this article when we first explored La Petite Ceinture, the deserted railroad track framing the city of Paris. Join us as we delve deeper into this part of abandoned Paris.


Because of strict building and zoning laws implemented during Haussmann’s beautification of Paris, many areas of the city are extremely well-kept. Enter: La Petite Ceinture, or ‘The Little Belt,’ an abandoned railroad track that circles around the edge of Paris, and which has stood unused for the past 80 years. A playground for graffiti artists, most of the flat surfaces along the track (including the backs of some apartment buildings, to the owners’ chagrin) are completely covered with paint. For art-lovers whose taste is a bit different than the classic oeuvres one might find in the larger and more traditional museums in Paris, La Petite Ceinture is a must-see. Below are our favorite shots of what you will find along the empty tracks.