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© @ninarichard_ / Twitter
© @ninarichard_ / Twitter
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Fan Hangs Album Cover by This Famous Singer in the Louvre Museum

Picture of India Irving
Social Media Editor
Updated: 30 November 2017
Lorde at the Louvre? Yep, it was a thing!

As fans of the 21-year-old singer-songwriter will recall, her second album Melodrama, which came out earlier this year, is home to a poignant tune about young love called ‘The Louvre.’

The title of the track presumably comes from a lyric in the song, “We’re the greatest; they’ll hang us in the Louvre. Down the back, but who cares? Still the Louvre.”

Well, it looks like at least one fan of the song decided to take that phrase literally and make it happen. As an ode to the record and the Kiwi artist, Nina Richard hung the Melodrama cover art in the Louvre. Yes, the actual Louvre, in Paris, just casually chilling in the same building as Leonardo.

Nina took to Twitter to share more about her story. She explains that she took the album “on a journey through time and space, from Antiquity, passing by Renaissance, to Modern Times.” Deep, but quite right!

Even though the work wasn’t up on the wall for too long, the important fact remains, it’s still the Louvre.