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Epic Illuminations Appear on Paris' Notre-Dame
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Epic Illuminations Appear on Paris' Notre-Dame

Picture of Jade Cuttle
Updated: 11 November 2017
If you’re in Paris this week, make sure to marvel at the Notre Dame Cathedral transformed as part of an incredible display of visual and sound animations to commemorate the sacrifices of the First World War. This epic sound and visual animation is a temporary light and sound exhibition called ‘Dame de Cœur’ and lasts about 25 minutes. It is shown twice each evening (for free!) until November 11, and plays with the exterior architecture of this famous monument to tell a heartwarming story.

It is performed as part of the celebrations marking the end of the First World War, whose symbolic poetic narration commemorates the sacrifices made by soldiers for their country. It is projected onto the huge monument using LEDs sparkling in more than 1,000 colours.

If you were already awe-inspired by this huge cathedral, then this peaceful spectacle allows you to rediscover its beauty in a whole new light – literally. The facade distorts, the statues seem to move, the walls split open, cascading waterfalls plunge down the depths of the cathedral walls – it’s Notre-Dame de Paris as you have never seen it before.

While the show is free to everyone, you must register in advance using the online ticket system. The organizers recommend you to leave any large and heavy bags at the hotel, as these will be subjected to checks at the entrance as well as at the ticket stalls. Backpacks and luggage are nonetheless prohibited on the event site.

Most people sit in the forecourt of the Cathedral to enjoy the spectacle, but it is also visible from the nearby Shakespeare & Company bookstore, the park or the bridge if you prefer to dodge the crowds.

The Dame de Cœur illuminations take place twice a night until Saturday, November 11.