Do You Remember Juicy Couture Tracksuits?

© Kate Engleman
© Kate Engleman
Well, they’re back. And we’re kind of happy about it. Once the preserve of off-duty tween stars, Juicy Couture has enjoyed an epic resurgence thanks to Vetements’ designer Demna Gvasalia who brought Juicy to the brand’s show at couture week in Paris.


Juicy Couture is the noughties trend that no-one really envisaged coming back. It was so kitsch, reeked of privilege and embodied a kind of willfull lack of self awareness that few could pull off with any irony. Yet given these pre-existing connotations, it is perhaps fitting that the brand has been re-embraced in 2016.

In a year of accelerating climate change, economic uncertainty and Trump, nothing says the ‘I know the apocalypse is coming but I’d rather watch Netflix’ like a velour tracksuit – add oversized aviators and pony tail for the full juicy couture 2000s look. Buy one of these for Christmas and reap the rewards of  sporting fashionable, expandable waist lines.


1. Juicy Couture pale pink velour tracksuit, $24.99, 2. Juicy Couture monogramed velour tracksuit, $24.99, 3. Juicy Couture Black Label Women’s Logo Velour tracksuits, $123, 4. Juicy Couture slim fit velour tracksuit, $89

Those looking to go all out in the leisurewear department this Christmas should pair velour bottoms with a matching (or mis-matching, depending on your style) hoodie for ultimate relaxation chic. As the saying goes, if it’s good enough for Paris Hilton…


1. Pink Juicy Couture velour hoodie, $128, 2. Juicy Couture sunburst jacket, $198, 3. Juicy Couture hoodie in fuschia, $128, 4. Juicy Couture Bling Original Terry Jacket, $128

Not sure how to nail noughties fashion? Here’s a selection of our favourite #throwback looks to help you on your way.

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