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Courtesy of Culture First
Courtesy of Culture First

Discover The Most Inventive Theatre Company In Europe

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Updated: 27 May 2016
Teatro Praga is now considered as one of the most inventive theatre companies in Europe. Their creations combine theatre, music, dance and art installations in a singular poetic mix. At the Théâtre des Abbesses, their latest production Zululuzu is a surprising celebration of the life of Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa as a child in South Africa. The title of the show, Zululuzu, is itself a combination of Zulu, the African language, and luzu, as a reference to luso, the Portuguese roots. A sensitive exploration of a multicultural world.Read more on Culture First


📅   Ends June 4th

📍  Théâtre de la Ville, 2 Place du Châtelet, 75004 Paris


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