Discover the Art of Perfume With An Expert in Paris

Perfume testing
Perfume testing | | © Pear285 / WikiCommons
Paris is arguably the most elegant city in the world, with Parisians known for being the masters of sophistication, with an established legacy in the fashion and beauty world. Now, one luxury travel agency has launched an incredible experience where you can discover the art of perfume with an expert.

A trip to Paris should revolve around sophistication and sensuality – after all, these are the qualities in which Parisians excel.

Perfume testing | © Pear285 / WikiCommons

With that in mind, one travel agency, specialising in creating bespoke experiences across France, has developed the perfect combination – its aim is to allow travellers to enjoy the privilege of exceptional, authentic French experiences, often those that are not usually available to the public, such as discovering the art of making perfume with a trained expert.

Intriguingly, this expert in question – who must remain anonymous so as to guarantee the authenticity and exclusivity of this rare experience – is a perfumer and also a chef, so their expertise is doubly fascinating. 1889 Travel also boasts a range of luxury houses, royal palaces and the most prestigious hotels among its top clients, so you’re definitely in safe hands.

Perfume testing © kropekk_pl / Pixabay

Plenty of people have played around with the scientific game of smelling a pear while eating an apple, for example, to experience the fascinating confusion between the senses that arises. This opportunity is based upon a more refined exploration of how intricately entwined the senses of scent and taste are. They’re closer related than you might think.

You might be wondering where all this takes place, and while exact details can only be disclosed to interested parties who contact the agency directly, rest assured the location will not disappoint. Striving for intimacy, you actually enter into the Parisian apartment of an expert perfumer, and are welcomed into their homely abode.

Fragrance for the home © Alex Tang / WikiCommons

The visit promises to be incredibly educational, with a hint of fun and experimentation too. Not only will you learn about the variety of scents and how they interact with taste as based upon practical examples, but you will also have the chance to enjoy a delicious lunch afterwards, prepared by a top Parisian chef. It’s clearly a once-in-a-lifetime unique travel opportunity.

1889 Travel’s other experiences range from after-hours tours of the Louvre and extravagant dinners in castles to encounters with celebrated French craftsmen, artists and designers. Previously, the company has launched an incredible experience where you can dine with Michelin-starred chefs in their own homes; the company says its goal is to allow travellers to live their wildest dreams.