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Montmartre Parc de la Turlure|©Moonik/Wikicommons
Montmartre Parc de la Turlure|©Moonik/Wikicommons
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Best Parks And Green Spaces In Paris' 18th Arrondissement

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Many parks, gardens and green spaces brighten up Paris‘ 18th arrondissement. These many colorful escapes from the hustle and bustle make great picnic spots, romantic promenades, play areas, or simply a place to sit and recharge. Parks, often called jardins or squares represent a space for conviviality and exchange.
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Jardins Rosa-Luxembourg

These modern gardens stretch across 9,000 square meters, both indoor and outdoor. The Jardin Rosa-Luxembourg offers plenty of promenades, play areas for children, and picnic and ping pong tables for your entertainment. This green space was created with the intent of improving the local urban landscape while keeping the original architecture of the building it was built on from the 20s. Rainwater collected on the roof waters the myriad plants, herbs, and vegetables that grow in the gardens. These gardens aim to offer a charming and eco-friendly community space, reconciling ecology and economy.

Opening times: Monday to Friday: 8am to 7 :30pm / Saturday and Sunday : 9am to 7 :30pm

Jardins Rosa-Luxembourg, 63ter Rue Riquet, 75018 Paris

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Square Louise Michel

This well-known square encompasses all the beautiful grassy areas, fountains, sculpture, sloping paths and 222 steps leading to the Sacré Cœur. It offers some of the most famous views of the cityscape to one side, and the dramatic domes of the Basilica on the other. The square has fig, chestnut, magnolia, and orange trees bordering it.

Opening times: Monday to Friday: 8am to 8:30pm/ Saturday and Sunday : 9am to 8:30pm

Square Louise Michel, 6 Place Saint-Pierre, 75018, Paris

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Square Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet

Just behind the Sacré Coeur lies a much smaller and calmer park, valued by locals for its calm atmosphere. It may be the most romantic green spaces on our list with stunning views of Montmartre and the Basilica, and tranquil corners tucked behind weeping willows. Also known as the Parc de Turlure, named after the windmill that stood there, it has a pergola, fountain, and shady areas that make it an ideal place for a leisurely stroll. The square has a small amphitheater that is rarely used, only for the annual Rhizomes festival that hosts live open-air music concerts in the 18th in June/July.

Opening times: Weekdays 8am to 8:30pm / Weekends 9am to 8:30pm

Square Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet, Rue de la Bonne, 75018, Paris

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Square Alain Bashung

This green space was named after the famous French singer-songwriter who lived in the Goutte d’Or neighborhood and died in 2009. The square has gardens in three parts designed to reflect three types of landscapes – forest and mountain, dry land, and humid land. The stream running through it is in fact a system designed to collect up to 100 tons of rainwater from the rest of the square’s drainage and irrigation system (from the walls, the walkways and plants). Within the segments there are sandboxes, playgrounds, checker tables, and an urban orchard all totally accessible to wheelchairs.

Opening times: Weekdays: 8am to 8:30pm (closes at 5pm in winter) / Weekends: 9am to 8:30pm (closes at 5pm in winter)

Square Alain Bashung, 16 rue de Jessaint, 75018, Paris

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Jardin Sauvage Saint Vincent

Located right in the middle of Montmartre, this bucolic garden is kept as natural as possible. It’s the perfect place to see flora and fauna in its wild yet fragile state. The Jardin Sauvage was a previously abandoned plot of land overrun by vegetation such as elderberry trees, ivy, and wild insects but gardeners have since polished it up and opened it to the public for guided visits. Knowledgeable guides, named eco-educators lead these free visits from April to October, limiting human presence to keep this green space as natural as possible. Free Tours from April to October.

Opening times: First Sunday of the month, 10:30 to 12:30 and third Wednesday of the month 2:30pm to 4:30pm

Jardin Sauvage Saint Vincent, 17 Rue Saint-Vincent, 75018 Paris, +33 1 71 28 50 56

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Jardin Burq

Mostly frequented by locals with children, this garden is especially beautiful in May and June while flowers and plants are in bloom and the smell of orange blossoms lingers in the air. It truly is an ideal stop for children because of its play areas and terraces. Vegetation hangs from the hillsides making it seem like a quiet secret garden.

Opening times: Weekdays: 8am to 7:30pm / Weekdays: 9am to 7:30pm

Jardin Burq, 28 rue Burq , 75018, Paris

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Square Léon Serpollet

This large park counts four terrasses and gardens, accessible by three entrances. These terrasses are are separated by paths, trees, and hedges that create a unique atmosphere in each area. Water lilies, cherry blossoms, and aquatic plants also make it perfect for an afternoon of exploring. Children, in particular, will enjoy the green of the separate playgrounds for younger and older children, as well as a basketball court. Some spaces become flooded with sunlight and contrast with shadier secluded areas good for getting lost in a good book. This neighborhood park also has a memorial for the 90 deported Jewish children aged six and younger who lived and played in the 18th.

Square Leon Serpollet, 25 Impasse des Cloys, 75018 Paris