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Museum Art Naif Max Fourny, Paris 18th district, France| © Pline/Wikicommons
Museum Art Naif Max Fourny, Paris 18th district, France| © Pline/Wikicommons

Best Museums And Art Galleries In Montmartre

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Updated: 2 November 2016
Montmartre, in Paris’ 18th arrondissement, has numerous spaces to explore the facets of the quirky, classic, and emerging art scenes, through permanent collections and exciting temporary exhibitions. The great masters and the new burgeoning artists all have their place for art aficionados and curious minds to appreciate their work. Keep reading for a hand-curated selection of museums and galleries worth a visit in this arrondissement.


La Halle St-Pierre

This gallery specializes in art brut, or naïve art with exhibitions featuring the work of artists who have had no previous formal art education. The Halle St-Pierre started as a cultural project in 1995, combining museum, gallery, auditorium, and café. It now boasts one of the most in-depth collections of contemporary, modern, and pop culture art, as well as a remarkable bookstore filled to the brim with inspiring and creative works. ‘HEY! modern art & pop culture‘ is an art magazine associated with La Halle Saint-Pierre, and the gallery has a temporary exhibition of the same name. It showcases 62 international artists’ exploration of outsider art in a marginalized, underground, and alternative art scene, particularly as it’s represented in street culture.

Monday – Friday: 11am to 6pm
Saturday: 11am to 7pm, Sunday 12pm to 6pm

La Halle St-Pierre, 2 rue Ronsard, 75018, Paris, France, +33 01 42 58 72 89


Espace Dalí

This space is a permanent collection dedicated to Salvador Dalí, with emphasis on his sculptures and engravings. It has sculptures of his better known paintings and around 300 of his original works. Espace Dalí also has new temporary exhibits each year, and creative workshops for children, which makes it an ideal stop for the whole family. In addition, the Galerie Dalí and the Galerie Montmartre are situated nearby.

Open every day 10am to 6pm (July and August open until 8pm)

Espace Dalí, 11 Rue Poulbot, 75018, Paris, France, +33 01 42 64 40 10


Musée de l’erotisme

The Musée de l’erotisme houses erotic art across seven floors of a building in a neighborhood known for its sex shops. This museum has phallic pottery, ancient fertility symbols, a section dedicated to the history of brothels in Paris, and modern erotic art. Each floor presents a fun and interesting collection of erotic art from around the world, making it less of a museum and more of an opportunity to gawk at the unexpected displays.

Open every day from 10am to 2am 

Musée de l’erotisme, 72 Boulevard de Clichy, 75018, Paris, France, +33 01 42 58 28 73

Le Bal

Le Bal is a beautiful contemporary art gallery focused on showing the best of ‘l’image document,’ and different interpretations of our reality. The gallery focuses on photography, video, cinema, and other visual media. The space is large, and it holds permanent pieces as well as temporary exhibits. While Le Bal is known for its art, another popular attraction is its well known café that serves breakfast and brunch including (but not limited to) cheesecake, eggs and bacon, cakes, and breads.

Wednesday: noon to 9pm; Thursday: noon to 10 pm; Friday: noon to 8pm; Saturday: 11am to 8pm; Sunday: 11am to 7pm

Le Bal, 6 Impasse de la Defense, 75018, Paris, France, +33 01 44 70 75 50

Musée de Montmartre

This charming museum brings the visitor back to bohemian Montmartre in the way that it pays homage to the life of the 19th and 20th century montmartrois and the artists who resided there. During this time, artists like Suzanne Valadon, Maurice Utrillo, Auguste Renoir, Émile Bernard, and Raoul Dufy all called this neighborhood home. The Museum of Montmartre’s permanent collection includes an entire room dedicated to the cancan, and paintings by Valadon and Utrillo. The beautiful Renoir Gardens near the Place du Tertre were remodeled to resemble the place Renoir painted and still offers the most beautiful views of Montmartre, northern Paris and the Clos du Montmartre vineyards.

Open every day from 10am to 6pm

Musée de Montmartre, 12 rue Cortot, 75018, Paris, France, +33 01 49 25 89 39

Galerie Chappe

The oldest art gallery in Paris has two floors of exhibit space to explore. This gallery always has something delightful to discover, and has showcased Parisian street artists, 3D shows, and rock star tributes (Pete Doherty, Kate Moss, Marc Zermati, Amy Winehouse, Jarvis Cocker, Devendra Banhart, Lady Gaga, Joseph Arthur, Yann Tiersen, The Shins, Liz Green, Sébastien Tellier). It has also featured Pakistani miniaturists, popular comic exhibitions (Django Unchained, Tron), and intimate concerts. It certainly is an eclectic venue, as more than 300 artists have passed through Galerie Chappe.

Open every day from 2pm to 8pm

Galerie Chappe, 4 rue André Barsacq, 75018, Paris, France, +33 01 42 62 42 12


Jeune Creation

As the name suggests, Jeue Creation focuses on the newest and freshest young artists in the international art scene. The Jeune Creation group of artists started as an idea in 1949 in response to a lack of spaces for young artists, and today this gallery puts on ten exhibits annually. These talents, though international, are mostly French and always bring new ideas to the table—and the walls—of the Jeune Creation.

Jeune Creation, 24 Rue Berthe, 75018, Paris, France, +33 7 68 29 29 34