8 Great Apps For Getting The Most Out Of Paris

Paris | © Pedro Ribeiro Simões/Flickr
Paris | © Pedro Ribeiro Simões/Flickr
Photo of Hattie Ditton
9 February 2017

Knowing where to begin when exploring a city like Paris can be a daunting prospect. Luckily, there are a number of fantastic apps that make it easier to navigate, eat, and enjoy the city. Here are a few of our top picks for apps to help you get around Paris.

© Citymapper/ Hattie Ditton


Citymapper is truly a cut above the multitude of route-planning apps that saturate the market. Not only will it give you a number of different options of public transport that will get you where you need to go, factoring in delays, but also includes the walking and taxi journey time. The best feature of all is that it will give you a cycle route, with Vélib (Paris bike system) points marked on the map, along with the distance you will cover, number of calories you will consume in doing so, alongside a hilarious conversion into its equivalent in French food. Seriously, you will wonder how you ever managed without it. The app cannot be used offline, so make sure you plan your journeys before and take screenshots to refer to later. You can download on iTunes and Google Play.


Based on a similar principle to Uber, French taxi app Heetch is aimed solely at the late-night travelers and operates between the hours of 8pm and 6am. For this reason, you will not encounter the late-night high-demand inflation. The price remains standard for every journey. It is ideal for those who are out later than the metro opening hours and are not quite feeling up to a long convoluted night bus journey home or reluctant to pay Paris taxi prices. There is the option to pay in cash, which avoids the argument of whose card to charge it to if you are in a group. Get it on iTunes and Google Play.

Paris, early morning | © Henry_Marion/Flickr

Yandex – Translate

For those emergency scenarios when you are struggling to make sense of a menu, or you need to ask for something in a shop – Yandex is the perfect app. Thanks to the fact that it functions offline, you do not even need to worry about finding a wi-fi spot before making yourself understood! It can translate from an image or sound recording too, which can come in incredibly handy. Get it on iTunes and Google Play.

Yandex App | ©Vimeo

The Culture Trip App

The easiest part about traveling in a city is seeing the tourist attractions. The hardest part? Experiencing the place like a local. With The Culture Trip App, visitors have the best of art, food, culture, and local tips at the touch of a finger. It’s very easy to use: just select your location and choose from the “I Want” menu, which offers a range of options, including art, music, history, food, film, design, travel and more. Best of all, the app covers every city in the world – so you can always be in the know, no matter where you are. Get it on iTunes and Google Play

Eating Out In Paris | © Zdenko Zivkovic/Flickr
© Ulmon/ Hattie Ditton

Ulmon (City Maps to go)

This is a very handy little app, which not only allows you to access detailed maps of the city offline but also provides articles and travel tips based on your interests. When you download, you will be asked to highlight your interests from a list of options and then personalize accordingly. With each attraction listed, comes a link to nearby hotels, reviews from other visitors and information about that place. If you are someone who really likes to plan ahead, there is also the option to create a bucket list, bringing everything you want to do into one place. Get it on iTunes and Google Play.

Le Fooding

This app is every foodie’s dream come true. No matter where you are in the city, you can open up its map which has recommended restaurants plotted all over it, along with reviews and price guidelines, all accessible offline. Le Fooding Guide is written by Parisians, for Parisians, and they specialize in contemporary and creative restaurants, so you can be sure that their suggestions will take you somewhere exciting, and you will be dining with the locals. You can search by location, price or food type, and it also has a ‘chance’ feature, which gives you a completely surprise suggestion when you shake your phone – go on, live a little! Get it on iTunes and Google Play.

© Le Fooding/Hattie Ditton

La Fourchette/The Fork

This is one for foodies on a budget: it can be used to both find and book a restaurant, providing offers of up to 50 percent off when you book through the app, making dining in the city quite a bit more affordable. Each option comes with a link to TripAdvisor reviews and a menu, so you can be sure you are making the right choice. Get it on iTunes andGoogle Play.

© La Fourchette/Hattie Ditton

Spotted By Locals

This app is not exclusive to Paris, but it is an incredible tool for those who like to explore a little beyond the main tourist spots. Although it is not free, it is absolutely worth the few dollars you will pay for it, with honest, insider advice from Parisian journalists who genuinely seem to care about their audience. Get it on iTunes and Google Play.

Seeing the Best of Paris | © Florian Plag/Flickr

Paris Guide Monument Tracker

Paris boasts some of the most beautiful monuments and buildings in the world. So much so that it is often difficult to keep track of what they all are and their significance. This app is genius, listing every monument with a concise and palatable description of its history. It also includes a quiz and treasure hunt, a fun little way to get to know the city as well as information and prices on events and activities. A word of warning though, you may want to turn off location tracking since it will drain your battery… fast! Get it on iTunes and Google Play.

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