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Rooftop Restaurants In Paris To Enjoy The View

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Known for its exquisite views and foods, Paris can be considered one of the top destinations for food-loving sight-seers. If you’re in Paris searching for a great place to eat with a mesmerizing view, here we share with you the best restaurants that tick both boxes.
This bar-lounge has a lovely view of the Seine and different shacks and offers a mix of low-priced meals and drinks. Located at the top of Cité de la Mode, Nuba bar is a definite place to visit, especially in spring as you can enjoy those fresh Parisian breezes. With an eclectic and diverse crowd, be sure to do some mingling while enjoying your night out. You must try out their mojitos, they pack a punch.
Le Nuba/Courtesy of Nuba
Le Georges
An upscale kind of restaurant-bar, Le Georges, is known for its central location at the top of Paris’s most famous industrial museum Centre Pompidou. With a ‘dress to impress’ kind of ambiance, Le Georges is not only known for its view top covering most of the city, but also for its model-like waiters and waitresses. The menu is sure to impress food lovers. Although price ranges are quite high, especially when it comes to their fine wine selections, it still is worth the visit.
Le Georges/ Courtesy of Le Georges Le Georges, 6th floor, Palais Beaubourg, Place Georges Pompidou, 75003 Paris
Kong (seen on Sex And The City) maintains an urban chic image. A room bursting with colors and graphic images greets you on your way to the table. Here you can enjoy the rooftop view in all seasons of the year as the roof is made of glass to enrich your vision of the night sky. Be sure to try the udon au homard a delicious plate of noodles topped with a succulent and rich flavored piece of lobster. You’ll be left salivating as you inhale those first few smells.
Kong/ Courtesy of Kong Kong, 1 Rue du Pont Neuf, 75001 Paris
Maison Blanche
A real Parisian restaurant, Restaurant Maison Blanche takes the biscuit; located in one of Paris’s most luxurious streets, the famous avenue Montaigne. White tablecloths, beige wooden chairs, and colorful cubicles make it a refined and clean space. The best time to visit is in spring as you can sit on the outer terrace with the view of the city and the Eiffel tower. The red delicate floral display will leave you feeling as though you’re in a fashion commercial.
Maison Blanche/Courtesy of Maison Blanche Maison Blanche, 15 Avenue Montaigne,75008 Paris
Shangri La Rooftop
A glass of grand cru classé and Petrossian caviar is what you’re greeted with as you find your seat in this elegant lounge. Make a note in your calendars as the Shangri La Rooftop Lounge opens from  July 12th  to  August 6th, and booking fills up fast. Especially on July 14th where you can enjoy the rooftop view and watch as the skies fill up with fireworks celebrating the Bastille Day. With a much higher price range than the other restaurant and bars, here its the fine Champagne and immaculate caviar that take you to another level.
Shangri-LaParis/Courtesy of Shangri-La Shangri La Hotel, 10 Avenue d’Iéna, 75016 Paris
43 Up On The Roof
Indulge your senses with massive greenery and open space at 43 up on the Roof, at the Holiday Inn. Walk into a simple yet chic surrounding; wooden tables and chairs give it a casual terrace feel. Here you can enjoy a 360 degree view of the city and a nice drink without spending too much. Ideal for a friendly gathering or a date during summer, you can enjoy the late night sun take it’s descend allowing the streetlights cures city. Be sure to call and reserve as the don’t take walks-ins.
43 Up On The Roof/Courtesy of 43 Up On The Roof 43 Up On The Roof, 4 Rue Danton, 75006 Paris
Déli-Cieux is located at the top of Printemps department store. More of a cafeteria like ambience, here you’ll find students and young adults enjoying coffee while reading a book or finishing work. With prices that ranging from 5 to 9 euros, and as well as amuse-bouche for you to enjoy; its a great resting spot for a quick bite in between your heavy shopping.
Déli-cieux, 9th floor of Printemps department store, 64 Boulevard Haussmann, 75009 Paris