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Jay Wennington/Unsplash
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Must-Follow Food Bloggers From Paris, France

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Updated: 10 October 2016
Whether it’s traditional French grub you’re after or a taste of a country in a different continent, Paris has some fantastic food options for you to explore. We’ve rounded up the best food bloggers in Paris who show you where to go and what to order.

For Advice From Your Personal French Chef:

Paris-ci L’Addition

You couldn’t be in better hands for restaurant recommendations in Paris than from a blog created by two food lovers. Christophe, who cooks and runs his own, personal food blog, and Slanelle, who is the lucky lady who gets to sample his creations, have put their heads together to form an extensive list of places in the Paris that you could only get from a local cook. A very professional-looking website, you can search for places to go by cuisine type, budget or place, making the search for the perfect dinner spot for dinner much easier. Finding fine food has never been easier.

For Finding the Best Place in Paris to Eat Out:


The name speaks for itself, and if that wasn’t clear enough, Anaïs is more than happy to clarify her love of all things food on her ‘About’ page of the blog. With an astoundingly wide list of restaurant reviews available, from where to bag the best brunch, to where to find the best street-side stir-fry, Anaïs wasn’t exaggerating when she said she eats a lot. But when it looks this good, who can really blame her? The blog itself is bright, fun and colorful and contains helpful drop down menus – including those to refine your search to location and cuisine types. Who wants to be a Parisian when you could be a Parisianavores ? Grab your fork and get eating.

Lost In Cheese Land

If your French food vocab isn’t quite up to scratch, you’ll be in safe hands with Philadelphia born, Lindsey Tramuta, who, despite not being a Parisian from birth, would fool most with her impressive array of restaurant recommendations. She works as a freelance food and travel writer and you needn’t think twice about putting your faith in her selected spots. While they are brief in description (often with only just a link to the restaurant’s website), they are among some of the coolest hang-outs across the city.

Photo courtesy of Lost in Cheese Land
Courtesy of Lost in Cheese Land | Photo courtesy of Lost in Cheese Land

Your Parisian Foodie Friend:

En Rang D’Oignons

Le bonheur c’est facile, ça se mange‘ (Happiness is easy, it’s eating), stands proud at the top of each page of Raphaële’s blog, and after taking a look at some of the content, you’ll be quick to agree with her. Resembling a traditional blog, it has a simple layout and quirky illustrations. En Rang D’oignons is diverse, and showcases that passion for good food we all associate with the French. With a wide selection of restaurants from street-food to Michelin Stars, En Rang D’oignons is refreshing in its modesty and has some great traditional, authentically French suggestions that any tourist would be hard set trying to find alone. A real Parisian friend on a web page, Raphaële is sure to keep you well away from those tourist traps.

For Finding Your Own Luxury in Paris:

Critiques Et Confidences

For those fancy pants among you, Clotilde’s Critiques Et Confidences is more like a work of art than a food blog. Featuring reviews, write-ups and of course, photos – and lots of them – from some of the finest places in town such as the prestigious Le Meurice, Clotilde opens the doors to a luxurious foodie-paradise. This is high-end dining at its best, and the plated masterpieces on show almost look too good to eat, so delicate are they in their finesse. You can search by arrondissement, but sadly not budget, so be sure to choose carefully. With interviews with top chefs also featured, Clotilde gets you on the insiders A-List of the Parisian foodie scene, online, at least.

For Recipe Inspiration And Restaurant Guides:

Frappée par la Fööd

Literal translated as ‘struck by food’, this blog was born as an extension of Celine’s Instagram account (@MAMZELLELYCHEE) which actually started off showcasing jewelry before being bombarded by more and more food posts – hence the name. With an English translation available for most posts, Celine not only showcases with you her own recipes and great spots to eat out in Paris, but also a very healthy dose of humor and lightheartedness. A charming, simply navigable blog which will get your French food adventure off to a fine start indeed.

Photo courtesy of Frappée par la Fööd
Photo courtesy of Frappée par la Fööd | Photo courtesy of Frappée par la Fööd

Plus Une Miette Dans L’Assiette

Not a crumb left on the plate’ will have you leaving just that, a motto Émilie, founder of the blog, lives by. She believes that a love of food is something to embrace rather than something to be ashamed of. It’s this willingness to devour all that leads her to discover new tastes, products, and combinations. By sharing her fabulous recipes, trendy places to go in Paris, and even a selection of hipster places to shop for all your #glutenfree goodies, she hopes to get you understanding just why it is you’ll never find a crumb left on any plate of hers.

Photo courtesy of Plus use miette dans l'assiette
Photo courtesy of Plus use miette dans l'assiette | Photo courtesy of Plus use miette dans l’assiette