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The Centquatre © Jean-Pierre Dalbéra/WikiCommons
The Centquatre © Jean-Pierre Dalbéra/WikiCommons
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4 Unmissable Autumn Exhibitions At The Centquatre

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Updated: 8 August 2016
If you want to fill gallery space the size of five football fields with work that is actually worth seeing, you have to think big. For their autumn season of exhibitions, the Centquatre, the 19th arrondissement‘s haven for creative types and their admirers, has done some very big thinking indeed. And they expect you to do some, too. The first two shows – a collaboration between writer Frédéric Boyer and artist Serge Bloch and an installation by architects Kuehn Malvezzi – take on arguably the biggest topic of them all: God. The latter two challenge the viewer’s perceptions of reality and fiction, movement and the immovable. Below you’ll find everything you need to know about these must-see shows opening in September, October, and November, which combine art, music, architecture, literature and sculpture.

Il Était Plusieurs Fois… – Serge Bloch et Frédéric Boyer

📅 September 24, 2016 – February 19, 2017

In this immersive exhibition, 35 stories from the Old Testament – those of Abraham, Moses, Noah, Job, and Samson and Delilah – have been reimagined by artist Serge Bloch and writer Frédéric Boyer. They are told with large and small format drawings, cartoons, and texts read by André Dussollier. His voice along with music specially composed by Benjamin Ribolet accompany visitors on their journey through this gallery of characters. Boyer recounts these founding myths of Western culture, common to the three great monotheistic religions, in simple and poetic words. Similarly, Bloch’s drawings, often embellished with colored segments or more detailed objects, approach them with a touch of modern humor, revealing the odd machine and even the Eiffel Tower. The project will be published as a book in October.

Full entry: 5€. Reduced entry: 3€.

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House Of One – Kuehn Malvezzi

📅 September 24, 2016 – January 4, 2017

This installation at the Centquatre by the architecture firm Kuehn Malvezzi will allow Parisians to experience a building like no other. The idea for the House of One is to create a structure in the heart of Berlin that gathers under one roof a synagogue, a mosque, and a Christian church, as well as a shared teaching and engagement area. A full-scale blueprint of the building will be drawn on the floor of the Centquatre, and visitors will be encouraged to mill around its planned spaces, imagine its realization, and exchange ideas.

Entry is free.

Saisir Le Silence – Hans Op de Beeck

📅 October 22, 2016 – December 31, 2016

Hans Op de Beeck’s works oscillate between reality and fiction. Visitors to the Flemish artist’s exhibition at the Centquatre will have a door opened for them into a parallel world, one filled with stories that require the force of their imaginations to be animated. The gray, monumental installation Settlement (2) features around 20 houses on stilts connected by wooden scaffolding, boats moored to accessories (fishing nets, dead wood, and Christmas lights), with each element carved to scale. The assembly is placed on an artificial lake in front of a blank wall that invites the viewer to observe, first at a distance, this imaginary scene. Two films will also be presented: Staging Silence (2) (2013), which features poetry and a succession of landscape constructions, and Nighttime (extended) (2015), an enigmatic, dark animated film, without text, based on a long series of monumental monochrome watercolors.

Full entry: 5€. Reduced entry: 3€.

Endless Portraits, 2015-2016 – Nicolas Clauss

📅 November 3, 2016 – February 25, 2017

Hovering between photography and film, Nicolas Crauss’s series of portraits of a new genre explores the expansion of videographic time. These portraits have neither beginning nor end and replay ad infinitum. They put the viewer in front of an immobile face around which the rest of the image moves. The image vibration is never exactly the same, and it is the permanence of the gaze and the movement of the image that settle the disorder.

Entry is free.

📅 Tuesday to Friday, 12pm – 7pm; Saturday and Sunday, 11am – 7pm; closed on Mondays.

📍 The Centquatre, 104 rue d’Aubervilliers, 75019 Paris, France