30 Images Of Provence's Exquisite Beauty

SunFlowers | © Alex Janssen/Flickr
SunFlowers | © Alex Janssen/Flickr
Photo of Natalie Marin
9 February 2017

From ancient olive groves to rolling lavender fields, the sensuous and earthy landscapes of Provence reach heights of impossible beauty. Join us, as we navigate some of the most gorgeous scenes in this dreamy land.

In Southern France, you are never alone; carpets of lavender roll out to accompany every lonely road.

Valensole Plateau lavender fields | © ronnybas/Shutterstock

Sun-bleached cottages with bright shutters sit in the summer heat.

Traditional buildings of Provence | © Dan Tautan/Shutterstock

And dreamy villages laze under the wide open sky.

Lourmarin | © François Philipp/FLickr

It seems everything here is oriented towards soaking up the region’s beauty.

Bonnieux | © decar66/Flickr

Color and light saturate this sensuous, earthy place.

Place de la Mairie | © decar66/Flickr

And buildings will whisper stories if you come close enough.

Windows Provençeaux | © decar66/Flickr

Forgotten doors hold the memories of centuries.

Porte de caractere IV – Ansouis | © decar66/Flickr

Others clutch bundles of vivid color.

Another door in Roussillon | © HiP 1/Flickr

Others yet hold dark, exciting secrets.

Door to the castle of Marquis de Sade | © HiP 1/Flickr

Here, windows compete with the sky for color.

Villecroze | © Miguel Virkkunen Carvalho/Flickr

They’re so charming, they can’t resist turning around to look at themselves.

Unfold | © decar66/Flickr

Some are impossible not to notice.

Market day in Malaucene | © EandJsFilmCrew/Flickr

Others gaze out onto a world of loveliness.

Entrecasteaux | © Tim Gage/FLickr

Dreamy views roll on for days.

Peaceful village of southern France | © Franck Michel/Flickr

Even the trees can’t resist looking out over it all.

Landscape and tree | © x1klima/Flickr

A sliver of cool turquoise splits the sunbaked landscape.

Les Gorges du Verdon | © ADT 04/Flickr

Still waters promise mountainous depths.

Lac St. Croix clear water | © Marcel Oosterwijk/Flickr

Secret swimming holes are an explorer’s reward.

Gorges du Verdon | © Alessandro Prada/Flickr

And villages clamber to touch the sky.

Peillon Landscape | © Mark Fischer/Flickr

Here, life’s decisions are pretty simple.

Honey Girls | © x1klima/Flickr

Which cheese shall we enjoy today?

Fromage | © savagecat/Flickr

Why eat doughnuts when chèvre is just as sweet?

Chevre | © x1klima/FLickr

Which is the best to taste the sun?

2010-08-14 | © Guillaume Baviere/Flickr

Life is so delicious, you could eat the stars.

Riez (60) | © ADT 04/Flickr

The hours here move like a gentle breeze.

village (VENASQUE,FR84) | © jean-louis Zimmermann/Flickr

The villages seem content to just sit back and watch the days go by.

Clocher Moustiers | © decar66/Flickr

Who needs company when the landscape is so full of warmth?

Fontaine de la Fondue | © decar66/Flickr

With such irresistible beauty, even the sea comes up to kiss Provence.

Éze | © Roman Prykhodchenko/Flickr

And all the boats are docked because, who would ever want to leave?

Sanary-sur-Mer | © Miguel Virkkunen Carvalho/Flickr

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