24 Enchanting Views Of Montmartre, Paris

La Maison Rose, Montmartre | © charmar/Flickr
La Maison Rose, Montmartre | © charmar/Flickr
Photo of Natalie Marin
2 November 2016

We take you on a journey through the delightful, surprising, and ancient cobbled streets of Paris’ most charming neighborhood, Montmartre.

View of Montmartre | © Edgardo W. Olivera/Flickr

Montmartre, sitting high atop Paris, is an old place with twisting streets and many secrets.

It’s a tough uphill walk from the milling city below, but well worth the challenge.

Place Dalida, Montmartre | © Helder da Rocha/Flickr

The most beautiful time is early in the morning, at dawn.

Le Consultat, Montmartre | © Panoramas/Flickr

We love the energy when the neighborhood wakes up.

Montmartre | © Fabrizio Sciami/Flickr

Montmartre makes you feel like you’re in a tiny French village, although you’re in the heart of a capital city.

Montmartre | © ho visto niña volare/Flickr

Montmartre is full of art and artists.

Place du Tetre, Montmartre | © Jack Torcello/Flickr

Everyone in the neighborhood has a riotous sense of color.

La Maison Rose, Montmartre | © charmar/Flickr

Buildings become even more vibrant and charming upon closer inspection.

La Maison Rose, Montmartre | © Christophe Laigle/Flickr

Indeed, Montmartre is brimming with charming finds.

L’Epicurien, Montmartre | © Cate Sevilla/Flickr

But we love this neighborhood for its grungy feel too.

La Taverne de Montmartre | © BineHerzog/Flickr

Not forgetting the 17th-century details peeking out from unexpected places.

Moulin de la Galette | © Cate Sevilla/Flickr

Like the last vineyard in Paris.

Vineyard, Montmartre | © Tanya Hart/Flickr

Art permeates every wall of Montmartre.

León Dutilleul (Explore!) | © Juanedc.com/Flickr

Mad festivals are the norm.

Fête des Vendanges de Montmartre | © Thomas Claveirole/Flickr

The wild, crazy, and spectacular can be found everywhere.

Freestyle football performer, Iya Traore | © VuTheara Kham/Flickr

Even the stairways will make your head spin.

Stairway, Montmartre | © Emilio del Prado/Flickr

But often the beauty of Montmartre lies in the details.

Cobblestones, Montmartre | © Guillaume Baviere/Flickr

Like its striking street signs.

Montmartre | © ho visto nina volare/Flickr

And its playful street art, hidden in plain sight.

Street Art | © Andy Hay/Flickr

Best of all, the quiet messages left by mysterious strangers.

Montmartre | © Haoran YANG/Flickr

Montmartre is also a fabulous place to sit back and reflect on the big picture.

View of Paris from Montmartre | © Jens Mayer/Flickr

Gazing down upon the tiny, milling people of Paris.

View from Sacré-Coeur, Montmartre | © Benjamin Bousquet/Flickr

And at last, stay to enjoy the softly falling night.

Montmartre terrasse at night | © Campus France/Flickr

À demain, Montmartre.

Sunset over Montmartre | © Francisco Gonzalez/Flickr

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