24 Enchanting Views Of Montmartre, Paris

La Maison Rose, Montmartre | © charmar/Flickr
La Maison Rose, Montmartre | © charmar/Flickr
We take you on a journey through the delightful, surprising, and ancient cobbled streets of Paris’ most charming neighborhood, Montmartre.


Montmartre, sitting high atop Paris, is an old place with twisting streets and many secrets.

It’s a tough uphill walk from the milling city below, but well worth the challenge.

The most beautiful time is early in the morning, at dawn.

We love the energy when the neighborhood wakes up.

Montmartre makes you feel like you’re in a tiny French village, although you’re in the heart of a capital city.

Montmartre is full of art and artists.

Everyone in the neighborhood has a riotous sense of color.

Buildings become even more vibrant and charming upon closer inspection.

Indeed, Montmartre is brimming with charming finds.

But we love this neighborhood for its grungy feel too.

Not forgetting the 17th-century details peeking out from unexpected places.

Like the last vineyard in Paris.

Art permeates every wall of Montmartre.

Mad festivals are the norm.

The wild, crazy, and spectacular can be found everywhere.

Even the stairways will make your head spin.

But often the beauty of Montmartre lies in the details.

Like its striking street signs.

And its playful street art, hidden in plain sight.

Best of all, the quiet messages left by mysterious strangers.

Montmartre is also a fabulous place to sit back and reflect on the big picture.

Gazing down upon the tiny, milling people of Paris.

And at last, stay to enjoy the softly falling night.

À demain, Montmartre.


By Anya Schukin