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Le Pavillon des Canaux | © Reglissou/Flickr
Le Pavillon des Canaux | © Reglissou/Flickr
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24 Captivating Views Of République And Canal St. Martin

Picture of Natalie Marin
Updated: 20 June 2016
We go on a visual journey around République and Canal St. Martin, where traditional, iconic Paris dissolves into the edgy, subversive, and wild urban cool.

It can be said that République is the beating heart of new Paris.

This is where the established French Republic meets the new, free-spirited and free-thinking generation.

Here, ancient values are filtered through modern minds.

This is a neighborhood that comes together.

It’s also the neighborhood of urban cool.

Nearer to the Canal, things get a bit more playful.

The streets are decked with a great sense of fun.

But even better is the striking loveliness of the Canal.

There are many moments of calm, quiet beauty.

This is where the younger crowd comes to sun.

Locals love to find a spot of sunshine to bask in.

Any excuse for a picnic.

It’s easy to find a quiet place to read.

Charming hints of color adorn the classic Parisian white.

Further up the canal, things get a bit friskier.

Strange things grow in this quirky neighborhood.

Buildings are a riot of color.

And some spots further up lose all normal Parisian identity.

There are lots of strange and delightful places to explore in the offbeat streets near the Canal.

Or stay and hug the water’s edge – Canal St. Martin only gets better at night.


By Anya Schukin