Alternative Places For The Coffee Lover In Paris

© Natalie Collins/Unsplash
© Natalie Collins/Unsplash
France‘s capital is brimming with cafés, making it a coffee lover’s paradise. If you want to step away from the classic, street table Parisian cafe, then we list some great alternative coffee shops in the city to sit and watch the world go by in.

La Caféothèque

La Caféothèque recently celebrated 10 years of selecting, roasting and brewing coffee. Offering a large selection of fine-quality coffee traded directed from small, local plantations, La Caféothèque roasts their coffees daily while the aroma lures you in from the streets of the 4th district. A quaint and cozy place, the ambience will make you want to stay all day long.

©Yen-chun Chen/Courtesy of La Caféothèque 

Coutume Café

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Coutume Café, Paris
Coutume Café, Paris | © Coutumephoto/Courtesy of Coutume
Coutume Café offers not only tasty coffee but also a mouthwatering brunch and lunch menu. You will find this spot south of the river, close to le Bon Marché, so why not tie it in with a Parisian shopping spree? A true pioneer in the Parisian coffee scene, Coutume hand-picks their own specialty coffees directly from coffee-producing countries and roasts their beans on site. Their unlimited selection of coffee in all its variations will never let you down.
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Honor Café

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Located on Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré in the 8th district of Paris, Honor Café is situated in a courtyard; a beautiful place to sit and enjoy superb coffee and a little quiet fresh air away from the buzz of the city. Honor Café is directly supplied with its delectable coffee selection from another great Parisian must-visit coffee shop, Café Coutume.
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Ten Belles

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Ten Belles, Paris
Ten Belles, Paris | © Ten Belles/Courtesy of 10 Belles Café
Ten Belles is one of the main providers of specialty coffees in Paris. One of the founders, Thomas Lehoux is a connoisseur of the coffee scene; after his experience working in Australia, Lehoux returned to France and finished his training at La Caféothèque. Lehoux (vice-champion barista in France, 2011) decided to open this small café near Canal St. Martin. The result was this friendly and relaxed spot, which serves an assortment of appetizing snacks too.
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The idea of co-working spaces is becoming a popular one in Paris. Craft, also located in the hip 10th district, offers a co-working space and a café. Log onto their wifi to get some work done, or just sit and enjoy a well-made cappuccino. Unique interior design pieces combined with friendly staff and their ever-changing snack bar, Craft can fulfill the needs of any coffee lover.
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The perfect spot to sit and get lost in a book, Telescope is situated close to Palais Royal in the center of Paris. The decoration doesn’t scream with bright colors, so make sure not to walk right past this one. Sur place ou à emporter (to stay or take-away), the friendly team of staff are at your service, giving you details on the coffee beans or making a café specific to your taste.
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Café Kitsune

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Café Kitsune, Paris
Café Kitsune, Paris | © Frank Lanigan/Unsplash
Similarly located near the Museé du Louvre, Café Kitsune is ideal for those with children or dogs. With coffee beans that are custom-roasted by Workshop in London, Kitsune offers delicious ways to get your coffee intake. Situated in an open courtyard that contains a small park, the cafe offers you the chance to get your take-away cup and stroll among the perfectly groomed jardin du Palais Royal. In summer, there are umbrellas and tables set up in the garden where you can relax in the fresh air.
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With fresh interior designs and the smell of freshly baked cakes, Matamata is a cozy spot for a break. They have a large table available downstairs, allowing for a larger groups to be seated, and their beans are supplied by Café Lomi, a well-known brand in Paris, so the coffee is bound to be a winner.

Fondation Café

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Fondation Café, Paris
Fondation Café, Paris | © Mike Kenneally/Unsplash
Foundation Café get their freshly roasted bean supply from Belleville Brûlerie. If you are in search of the perfect afternoon tea, this is the spot, with great brews and freshly baked cakes and breads. The modern interior design, enlivened by splashes of color, is a stylish place to while away a few hours.
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Catering for the sweet tooth or those in need of a delicious, warming soup in winter, Radiodays offers a quiet, intimate space in the 10th district of Paris. With freshly baked breads and a wide range of bio juices, you can fill up knowing it’s good for you. Service is super-friendly and if you have specific tastes, the man behind the counter will whip something up to suit your needs.
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Courtesy of Holybelly
Courtesy of Holybelly | Holybelly 5, Paris
Holybelly changes their delicious menu on a regular basis, so there’s always an excuse to go back. They have recently added an English breakfast option with eggs, baked beans, mushrooms, bacon and a hash brown. Not something you’ll find easily in Paris. Unfortunately, they don’t take reservations, so make sure to get there early if you are going in a big group. Sometimes their line runs out the door, which is not surprising given their delicious chai latte.
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Blackburn Café

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Blackburn │© Pauline Saint-Martin, Courtesy of Blackburn
Blackburn | © Pauline Saint-Martin, Courtesy of Blackburn

Fresh healthy juices that boost your vitamin content and get you through winter, and the welcoming environment are just two of the great things about visiting Blackburn Café. Their comfortable leather chairs and friendly staff members add to the ambience at this hideaway in the 10th district.

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