A Decade Of Stade Français' Most Distinctive Jersey Designs

Stade Francais Paris © Eric Jappini/Flickr
Stade Francais Paris © Eric Jappini/Flickr
When you think of rugby you think of big men, hard knocks and, more often than not, lashing wind and rain. What you don’t necessarily think about is the on-pitch (or, as the case may be, off-pitch) fashion. Stade Français are the ultimate exception to this rule. Since they shook the macho sports world in 2005 by choosing pink as one of their team colors, they have consistently made a statement with each new kit.

The 2015-16 Home Kit

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The message here is clear: we, like the girl in the Oasis song, are electric. Sadly, their performance in the domestic Top 14 league was anything but electrifying this year: they finished 12th, narrowly avoiding relegation.

The 2015-16 Away Kit

This all-pink away strip was a return to basics for the Parisian home team, though there are hints of previous ventures into the fashion unknown: palm trees, Romanesque busts and what appears to be the Statue of Liberty hiding behind the SFR logo.

The 2014-15 Home And Away Kits

Les nouveaux maillots pour la saison 2014-2015. Vous aimez ? #Éclairs #TourEiffel #Paris #réplicas #allpinks

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Despite the home jersey’s intimation that Stade Français had become roadkill on an episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race, the team ended up league champions last year. (And we’ve all had fair warning now of what the Eiffel Tower will look like when it shapeshifts into a sea monster.)

The 2011-12 Home Kit

2011-12 Home Kit © PAULOM/WikiCommons

This looks like a classic example of dressing not how you feel but how you want to feel: throw on some white shorts and a flowery shirt and suddenly you’re not facing down 15 angry man-beasts on a muddy field in subzero temperatures but on a beach, sipping Mai Tais, and gazing out at the sunset.

The 2009-10 Alternative Away Kit

2009-10 Alternative Away © Yann Caradec/Flickr

This one is decidedly less intimidating. In fact, it looks more like a Hannah Montana concert T-shirt than sportswear.

The 2008-09 Home And Away Kits

These Andy Warhol-inspired jerseys sparked all kinds of debate when they were first unveiled. Was this the worst sports kit ever? Who is this crowned lady? And who did she kill to get that teardrop tattoo? The answer to the second question at least is certain: she is Blanche de Castille, wife of Louis VIII and mother of Louis IX.

The 2006-07 1st Alternative Away Kit

2006-07 Alternative Away 1 © TaraO/WikiCommons

These lilies were pretty controversial in their day but they sure seem understated having seen what came after. The twelve stars represent as many league wins and the number now stands at 14.

The 2006-07 2nd Alternative Away Kit

2006-07 Alternative Away 2 © Fabienkhan/WikiCommmons

Pure pink perfection, courtesy of Kenzo. If Parisians are going to make a statement, don’t expect them to do it any other way than loud and proud.