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Bordeaux-Midi is the main railway station in Bordeaux, France
Bordeaux-Midi is the main railway station in Bordeaux, France | © Gordon Bell / Shutterstock
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You Will Soon Be Able to Take the Eurostar from London to Bordeaux

Picture of Jennifer Migan
Updated: 11 May 2018
Travellers from London can catch the Eurostar from St Pancras International to Paris Gare du Nord and, from that point, if you want to travel further south in France, you will need to change trains. But a new route is being planned that will bypass the French capital to travel direct to Bordeaux on a high-speed train, linking London and Bordeaux in around four hours.

Travellers’ journey plans across Europe are about to take a new turn as people will be soon able to add Bordeaux as another destination on your must-see cities in France. Indeed, negotiations between HS1 Ltd, Eurotunnel, SNCF Réseau, and Lisea, the biggest European railway players, are taking place to agree on a new Eurostar route that would link Bordeaux and London in about four hours.

Welcome to Gare Saint Jean, Bordeaux’s train station | © Jennifer Migan / Culture Trip

Although there are flights from the UK to Bordeaux that will get you there in less than two hours, travelling to the world’s wine capital by train is still a bit of a hassle. At the moment, no direct line exists between London and Bordeaux, which means you need to change from the Eurostar at Paris’ busiest train station in Montparnasse to finally reach Bordeaux in a not-so-smooth five-and-a-half hour trip.

The perspective of a cross-country collaboration is interesting in the sense that if a direct line opens, it would significantly cut down the travel time, avoid passengers to rush through the Parisian metro to catch their train and it will also challenge the budget flights between London and Bordeaux. If the length of these flights is indeed less than two hours, when you add to that the time to commute to the airports in London, which are mostly located outside of the city centre, the security checks and other procedures, it takes about the same time as this new high-speed line, that will link the two cities in about four hours.

Passengers waiting for the train at Bordeaux Saint Jean train station | © Jennifer Migan / Culture Trip

Dyan Crowther, chief executive of HS1, told The Independent that, “the route is route is almost ready for a train operator to turn up and turn the key as soon as the UK and French governments agree on border controls.” If both parties come to an agreement, the train will skip Paris and use the high-speed route between Bordeaux and Tours, which was opened last year, with the route from London to Bordeaux to be launched in 2020.