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© DUSAN ZIDAR / Shutterstock
© DUSAN ZIDAR / Shutterstock
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Woman Takes Selfie With Sunbathing Cow, Biggest Mistake Ever

Picture of Luke Abrahams
Social Content Editor
Updated: 10 July 2017
The poor woman got more than she bargained for.

Travel + Leisure reports that a woman was recently gored in the face after ‘attempting to take a selfie with wild animals’.

Corsica – a beautiful French island famous for its glittering coast, chilled beaches, being the birthplace of Napoleon, and of course, its sunbathing cows. Wait what, sunbathing what?! Yes, cows.

Since the beginning of cowdom in Corsica, wild cows have spent their days roaming and relaxing on the island’s beaches without a care in the world. Undeterred by humans, it’s worth noting that they aren’t the friendliest of beasts. In fact, whichever sandy beach you decide to stroll along, you’ll notice signs that warn you to stay away from them, and for good reason, too.

One poor woman, however decided to break the rules. The consequence? She was gored in the face, had several teeth damaged and required stitches after attempting to take a selfie with a sunbathing cow. Luckily for her, her injuries were mild, according to The Local.

Mayor of Pietrosella, Jean-Baptiste Luccioni told Euronews:

‘It’s been the case for 40 years, they are very numerous from spring until the end of the summer, it’s a real problem.’

Tons of ideas have been put forward to curb the problem, including castrating the bulls so that the species dies out. Other suggestions include building the cows little houses (barns).

Was that golden animal selfie really worth it? We thinks not.

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