Where to Go in Cannes to Take Instagram-Worthy Photos

Rue Meynadier, Cannes, France
Rue Meynadier, Cannes, France | James Fenn / © Culture Trip
Photo of Alex Ledsom
18 June 2018

Cannes, on the stunning French Riviera, has some fantastic places for capturing the perfect Instagram-worthy picture, whether you’re after bling and boats or shorelines and sunsets. From the old town’s cobbled shopping streets to the port and the nearby Lérins Islands, you’ll find great photo opportunities. Here’s our guide to the most photogenic spots.

The Port of Saint-Honorat

Natural Feature
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Île Saint-Honorat
Île Saint-Honorat, France | © Sergey Dzyuba / Shutterstock
Saint-Honorat is the second biggest island in a group of four just off the coast of Cannes (take the ferry from the Port of Cannes) and you’ll find plenty of photo opportunities – an especially good spot is the port. Just be warned that you cannot take the same ferry around all the islands – if you want to continue onwards, you’ll need to take another boat when you return to the Port of Cannes.

The Abbaye de Lérins

Building, Church, Winery
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The Lérins Abbey | © Adam Zoltan / Shutterstock
The Lérins Abbey |  © Adam Zoltan / Shutterstock
The old abbey in Saint-Honorat is the perfect place to drop by. Monks have been in the local area for centuries and now, you can visit them in their own home, all 40 acres of it. They produce wine using local methods. Take a guided tour, be amazed by the vineyard and eat at the restaurant. You can also take mass with them and even stay on retreat, which will give you more time to take your amazing photos.

The Fortress of Lérins

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The fortress on the Island of Saint-Honorat is captivating | © Mark Fischer / Flickr
The fortress on the Island of Saint-Honorat is captivating | © Mark Fischer / Flickr
Just down the road from the Lérins Abbey, on the island of Saint-Honorat, you’ll find this beautiful fortress nestled at the edge of the sea. It was built by monks who were permanently scared of invasions. Indeed, they were turfed out of their home by the Spanish in 1635 but were able to return two years later when the French regained control. It’s a great photo opportunity.

The Island of Sainte-Marguerite

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JCTP0068-ile sainte marguerite-Cannes-France-Fenn--194
Ile Sainte Marguerite, Cannes, France | James Fenn / © Culture Trip
The Island of Sainte-Marguerite is the largest of four small islands off the coast of Cannes. It has some lovely beaches and is great for a picnic. Just a 15-minute boat ride from Cannes, this is one of the places where the legendary Man in the Iron Mask was locked up, even though no one knew who he was (or so the story goes.). It makes for a great Instagram shot.

La Croisette

Building, Park
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JCTP0068-Boulevard de la Croisette-Cannes-France-Fenn--113
Boulevard de la Croisette, Cannes, France | James Fenn / © Culture Trip
The famous Croisette – the promenade along the coast of Cannes – is the perfect place to take wonderful photos, whether it be at sunset or looking back at the smart hotels. What’s more, when Cannes plays host to the film festival every year, the Croisette is decked out in red, making it the perfect place to feel like a celebrity and have the photos to prove it.

Port Pierre Canto

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JCTP0068-Le Vieux:Old Port-Cannes-France-Fenn--94
Le Vieux Old Port, Cannes, France | James Fenn / © Culture Trip
Port Pierre Canto is on the easterly edge of the Croisette and it’s a great spot to take photos of the harbour and people wearing bling. It’s one of two ports used in the annual and much-celebrated Cannes Yachting Festival and so, it’s a great place to snap piccies of those big superyachts. In summer, the nocturnal markets attract a lot of people.

Musée de la Castre

Building, Museum
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JCTP0068-View from Old Town Le Suquet-Cannes-France-Fenn--52
View from Old Town Le Suquet, Cannes, France | James Fenn / © Culture Trip
Built in the 12th century, the old fortress in the neighbourhood of Le Suquet offers amazing views over Cannes, from which to take wonderful photos of the town and the Meditteranean Sea. It was built by monks to defend the city and now contains an art collection that is very eclectic.

The Streets in Old Town

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JCTP0068-Old Town Le Suquet-Cannes-France-Fenn--42
Le Suquet, Cannes, France | James Fenn / © Culture Trip
Whether you head up the rue Coste Corail (leading up to the old area of Le Suquet) or one of the adjoining streets, it’s a perfect opportunity for postcard views of old fishermen’s cottages. Le Suquet is the oldest neighbourhood in Cannes, settled by the Romans, later by monks and then, by fishermen making a living. Today, it’s a great place to take photos of the pastel coloured cottages and cobbled streets before stopping for a lovely dinner.

La Croix-des-Gardes

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This 200-acre national park is just to the west of Cannes’ town centre and a perfect place to take Instagram snaps. It has five trails and a beautiful view over the Mediterranean Sea, especially when you hike to the cross at the top. It was designed by a British couple when they built a large home nearby but it’s now free to enjoy for all.

Notre-Dame D'Espérance

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JCTP0068-Old Town Le Suquet-Cannes-France-Fenn--25
Notre-Dame D'Espérance, Cannes, France | James Fenn / © Culture Trip
Built in the 14th and 15th centuries, this wonderful church sits at the top of the hill above Cannes and offers wonderful views over the town. It’s a nice complement to its neighbour the Musée de la Castre which was built a couple of centuries before. Together they make up Cannes historical content.

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