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Trendy designs from Graduate store | Courtesy of Graduate store
Trendy designs from Graduate store | Courtesy of Graduate store
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Top 12 Fashion Boutiques in Bordeaux

Picture of Jennifer Migan
Updated: 6 September 2017
After exploring some of Bordeaux’s hidden gems, it’s time to discover some of the best boutiques in town and engage in some serious fashion tourism. Here are the top 12 fashion boutiques in Bordeaux.
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French Disorder

French Disorder is a young French brand that perfectly embodies the casual chic à la française. Their unique designs with amusing slogans are ideal for women, men, and kids, and are sure to make you stand out in the crowd. Visit their store in the Bassins à Flot neighborhood, or purchase original pieces from their online boutique.

French Disorder, Bassin à Flots, Bordeaux, France, +33 7 82 03 62 08

Fashionable sweaters are a French Disorder staple | Courtesy of French Disorder

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La Raffinerie

Located a few steps from the Place Camille Jullian, La Raffinerie‘s beautiful boutique is a haven of modernity and coolness for fashion lovers. Here you’ll find numerous pieces and objects from amazing creators such as Swildens-Momoni, Bed & Philosophy, and Voluspa.

La Raffinerie, 6 Rue Maucoudinat, Bordeaux, France, +33 5 56 81 90 49


Close to the trendy neighborhood of the Grosse Cloche, Richy’s is a concept store filled with modern pieces for men and women. Regular customers praise the store’s rock and vintage ambiance, and the exclusive selection of hand-picked designs.

Richy’s, 73 Rue du Pas-Saint-Georges, Bordeaux, France, +33 5 56 52 33 81

Trendy clothes from Richy’s | Courtesy of Richy’s

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All Depends on You

All Depends on You is a concept store located on Saint James street. The minimalist atmosphere and refined designs are enticing and you probably won’t be going home empty handed.

All Depends on You, 24 Rue Saint-James, Bordeaux, France, +33 5 56 30 76 00

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For unusual fashion items for both men and women, Mieux boutique on Saint James street is the place to go. With a large selection of clothes and accessories, from colorful headbands in wax print to designer bags, come here for items with a twist. What’s more, they have a second store on Rue Vital Carles.

Mieux, 37 Rue Saint-James, Bordeaux, France, +33 9 81 89 28 68

Gorgeous purses with ethnic prints from Mieux | Courtesy of Mieux

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This boutique might be for gentlemen, but that doesn’t mean you should miss paying it a visit. With a large range of styles, here men will find the right outfit to suit every style or occasion. This boutique distinguishes itself for its perfect blend of iconic brands, such as APC, and unique pieces by talented, upcoming designers from all over the world.

Graduate, 63 Rue du Pas-Saint-Georges, Bordeaux, France, +33 5 56 58 12 83

Bold designs from Graduate | Courtesy of Graduate

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Ma Première Boutique

Ma Première Boutique delivers exactly what you would expect from a fashion boutique: superb clothes from renowned designers and trendy accessories to match your outfits. Here you’ll find a lot of exclusive items from Isabel Marant’s collections, and jewelry by brands such as Stone, and Maria Rudman. An absolute fashionista must!

Ma Première Boutique, 11 Rue Maucoudinat, Bordeaux, France, +33 5 56 81 57 01

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a.Copola is not your regular men’s clothing store. It is a boutique filled with brands that celebrate an effortless yet chic look for men. High-quality items by A.T.P.C.O., Strelli Homme and Mason’s but also designs by French Disorder can be found here, so it’s definitively worth a visit. You can also have a look at their online boutique.

a.Copola, 61 Cours d’Alsace-et-Lorraine, Bordeaux, France, +33 5 57 83 69 10

A summer look for men at a.Copola store | Courtesy of a.Copola

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La Boutik’

The retro and colorful decor of La Boutik’ will instantly uplift your mood. This cozy boutique in the Saint Pierre neighborhood is dedicated to women’s fashion and will excite those in search of feminine pieces and original accessories.

La Boutik’, 14 Rue du Pas-Saint-Georges, Bordeaux, France, +33 9 81 75 81 60

Colorful designs and a retro atmosphere at La Boutik’ | Courtesy of La Boutik’

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Gianna et Moi

Gianna et Moi is a charming boutique with an array of outstanding designs. Fashionistas will appreciate the eclecticism of the garments on offer, which distinguish themselves for their asymmetrical, minimal, and playful lines.

Gianna et Moi, 42 Rue Sainte-Colombe, Bordeaux, France, +33 9 72 85 01 48

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Loding Bordeaux

When in need of a smart pair of shoes, head straight to Loding Bordeaux, a classy store located in the prestigious Cours Clémenceau. Here you’ll find everything you need, from Richelieus to Derbys, and from casual shoes to sneakers.

Loding Bordeaux, 36 Cours Georges Clemenceau, Bordeaux, France, +33 5 56 44 97 41

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Nice Things Paloma S.

Celebrating feminine and chic style, Nice Things has a variety of dresses, pants and other garments that are comfortable and classy at the same time. They also have collections available for young girls, which is ideal for those mother-daughter shopping trips. They also have an online store.

Nice Things, 54 Rue des Remparts, Bordeaux, France, +33 5 57 34 03 85