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©Maxime Huriez/Courtesy of SNCF
©Maxime Huriez/Courtesy of SNCF
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The Versailles Castle On Wheels: Take A Ride Inside One Of France’s Most Lavish Monuments

Picture of Diana Vernon
Updated: 9 February 2017
Art has no limits and nor does Versailles. As of May 25th you will be able to travel like royalty, from Paris to Versailles, inside the castle itself. Yes, really. To spice up your train ride to Versailles, SNCF (France’s National Railway Company) has announced plans to launch five Versailles-themed trains on the line RER C – by plonking seven different scenes from the actual Palace into the carriages.

This is the second time that an original initiative like this one, takes place. In 2012, SNCF in collaboration with 3M, launched the project ‘Art in Transit’: a train turned art museum. The idea was to save and refurbish the interior of decaying train wagons with images of Impressionist art and stained glass from the Musée d’Orsay.

For this second edition of themed trains, SNCF chose to feature scenes that evoke the Palace’s most emblematic spaces: the world-famous Hall of Mirrors and Hall of Battles, the less familiar parts of the Palace such as the Queen’s Room in the Petit Trianon, the Belvedere on Marie-Antoinette’s Estate, the peristyle of the Grand Trianon, and Louis XVI’s library.

According to SNCF’s press release: “The scenic designs are adapted to the configuration of the train; and are generally lightened to work with the light, colorful new train design, giving passengers an entirely new perspective inside each carriage.”

Your fairytale has finally come true … at least for 1 hour!

reportage-SNCF-pelliculage-train-Versailles-®Maxime Huriez-IMG_7905-WEB ...
Versailles Train | ©Maxime Huriez/Courtesy of SNCF
reportage-SNCF-pelliculage-train-Versailles-®Maxime Huriez-IMG_7851-WEB ...
Versailles Train | ©Maxime Huriez/Courtesy of SNCF

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