The Top 5 Museums In Strasbourg

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9 February 2017

As the capital of France‘s Alsace region, Strasbourg has a very rich cultural scene that includes a wide variety of theater performances and fantastic museum dedicated to archaeology, history, modern art, and the culture of the region itself. Read below to find out more about these unique exhibition spaces.

Musée Alsacien

If you are interested in the everyday life of rural Alsace and the region’s culture, pay a visit to the Musée Alsacien on Quai Saint-Nicolas. The museum depicts traditional life in the Alsace region and showcases religious imagery, traditional furniture, ceramics and other everyday artefacts from the 7th to the 19th century. Musée Alsacien consists of over 30 rooms, each dedicated to a different area of Alsace and its culture. There is also a room that shows aspects of modern life in the Strasbourg area.

Opening hours: Mon-Sat 12pm-6pm, Sun 10am-6pm

23-25 Quai Saint-Nicolas, Strasbourg, France, +33 388 52 50 01

Musée D’art Moderne Et Contemporain

First opened in 1998, the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art attracts both artists and art lovers from all over the world. Located on the riverbank of the River Ill, right in the heart of Strasbourg’s historical neighborhood, the museum not only consists of exhibition spaces, but also photography rooms, a library, an auditorium and a restaurant. The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art has a very diverse permanent collection with works of art by Gustave Doré, Vassily Kandinsky, Max Ernst and the like. It also hosts art productions on a regular basis.

Opening hours: Wed-Sat 11am-7pm, Sun 10am-6pm

1 Place Hans Jean Arp, Strasbourg Cedex, France, +33 388 23 31 31

Musée Zoologique

The Zoological Museum of Strasbourg, located on Strasbourg’s University Campus, is one the richest of its kind all over France. Built in the early 18th century with elements from Jean Hermann’s Gallery of Natural History, the museum now hosts an impressive collection of natural specimens with millions of insects, over 1,800 birds, 1,500 mammals and 60,000 marine invertebrates. This also includes unique fish and reptiles as well as skeletons of animals that are already extinct or in the process of disappearing.

Opening hours: Mon 10am-6pm, Wed-Sun 10am-6pm

29 Boulevard de la Victoire, Strasbourg, France, +33 390 24 89 90

Musée Archéologique

Strasbourg’s Archaeological Museum invites visitors to explore the unique history of the Alsace region and the city of Strasbourg from its very origins that date back to around 600,000 BC. This is a great museum for those who wish to learn more about the detailed history of this vibrant region with a special focus on the Bronze and Iron Ages, as well as life in medieval Alsace. The museum’s collection of artefacts is regularly enriched, as archaeological excavations in Strasbourg and Alsace continue to find new material. The Archaeological Museum also houses temporary exhibitions on these up-to-date archaeological events.

2 Place du Chateau, Strasbourg, France, +33 388 52 50 00

Musée de l’Oeuvre Notre-Dame

This museum, situated on the doorstep of Strasbourg’s famous Notre Dame Cathedral, offers one of the finest collections of medieval art in France, if not all over Europe. The museum’s artefacts, which range from one of the oldest known stained-glass windows, the Wissembourg Head, to the impressive paintings of Sébastien Stoskopff, one of the most renowned medieval artists, show the vitality of medieval Strasbourg. The historic courtyard of the Musée de l’Oeuvre Notre-Dame, as well as the charming Gothic garden, gives valuable insight into the rich past of the city of Strasbourg and beyond.

Opening hours: Tue-Sun 10am-6pm

2 Place du Chateau, Strasbourg, France, +33 388 52 50 00

By Sophia Karner

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