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Lac d'Annecy, France I © Manu Dreuil/Flickr
Lac d'Annecy, France I © Manu Dreuil/Flickr
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The Top 5 Hotels In Annecy, France

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Updated: 9 February 2017
A romantic, historical and picturesque destination, Annecy has been inhabited for over 2,000 years. Annecy is a riverside town in southeastern France with winding canals, pastel-colored houses and quaint cobbled streets. With such a compelling charm it’s easy to while away several days hereat one of the many accommodation options available. Whether travelers seek family-run hotels or small and cozy hostels, here’s our guide to the five best hotels in Annecy, France.
Lac d’Annecy, France I
Lac d’Annecy, France I | © Manu Dreuil/Flickr
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Alexandra Hotel

Boasting a great location in the heart of the city center, Alexandra Hotel is ideally situated right next to Annecy’s Old Town area and its captivating canals. The concierge service here is available for 24 hours a day, and warmly welcomes guests to one of the 25 spacious, airy and simply decorated rooms in the establishment. All rooms are fitted with state-of-the-art flat screen televisions, and a delicious breakfast is served every morning in the ‘nature’ room, a space featuring rustic decor and creative artwork depicting various natural scenes.

Address and Telephone: 19 Rue Vaugelas, Annecy, France, +33 450528433

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Hotel des Alpes

This hotel is located just five minutes from the gorgeous lake of Annecy. Ideal for anyone wishing to explore both the city and the nearby natural area, Hotel des Alpes offers 32 recently renovated rooms designed with bright colors and sleek, chic furnishings. Each bedroom features a modern shower, a TV, a telephone and provides free wifi access. The staff here are extremely friendly and helpful, and all demonstrate a very good level of spoken English.

Address and Telephone: 12 Rue de la Poste, Annecy, France, +33 450450456

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Hotel Les Terrasses

The main attraction of Hotel Les Terrasses is its stunning garden area, a large space featuring various colorful species of plant, and an ideal place in which to relax and recline after a day of exploring Annecy. The rooms here are decorated in the style of a rustic French chalet, and as such exude a homely, cozy atmosphere whilst still featuring modern facilities. All the main attractions of the town are within walking distance from this establishment, elevating it as a top spot in which to relax in the beauty of a French garden whilst remaining in the heart of the hustle and bustle.

Address and Telephone: 15 Rue Louis Chaumontel, Annecy, France, +33 450 570898

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Hotel du Chateau

Voted one of Annecy’s best hotels, this family run spot is a charming alcove with a pretty, central location. Founded in 1959, as the name itself suggests, this cultural hotel is idyllically set at the foot of Annecy Castle. Hotel du Chateau’s rooms are quite simple, yet still include a large range of up-to-date en suite facilities. The common area is a classy space in which to really feel at home, with large, comfy seating, warm wall colors and a large black piano available for guests to practice upon during their downtime. Breakfast is served daily on the picturesque terrace, allowing diners to enjoy spectacular views of the castle and city whilst they sample a range of baked goods and rich, delicious coffee options.

Address and Telephone: 16 Rampe du Chateau, Annecy, France, +33 450452766

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Hotel de Paris

Situated only ten minutes from the city center, Hotel de Paris boasts an enthralling exterior and interior design, with rustic, eye-catching brickwork on its outside walls, and suffused lighting, sophisticated furnishings and polished wood flooring making its inside unmissable. A top recommendation for families, the owner here is renowned as being extremely kind and helpful, especially with those who do not speak French as their first language.

Address and Telephone: 15 Boulevard Jacques Replat, Annecy, France, +33 450573598