The Top 10 Things To Do in Angers

The Top 10 Things To Do in Angers
Angers, a historic city in western France and the capital of the province of Anjou, is full of sights and activities. From touring the châteaux to a unique twist on a botanical garden, to winery tours, here are the ten most special things to do in this charming city.
Panorama of Angers © James Clark/Flickr

Visit the Castle

What originally was Plantagenet King Henry II’s fort overlooking the river Maine was transformed over 800 years ago by King Louis I into the impressive castle that can be seen today. Don’t miss the famous Apocalypse Tapestry on the walls— measuring 100 yards in length!— portraying the end of the world as described in the Book of Revelation; a piece of propaganda art commissioned by Louis, King Henry features in the tapestry as a seven-headed monster.

Château d’Angers, 2 Promenade du Bout du Monde, Angers, France, +33 2 41 86 48 77

Château d’Angers © Tango 7174/WikiCommons

Wine-Tasting at Château des Vaults

Just a 30-minute bus ride and 15 miles is the town of Savennières, the home of Domaine du Closel-Château des Vaults winery, which has been producing wine since the 1400s. Wander the verdant vineyards, and taste some of the stellar organic vin that this family-run winery turns out. What’s a trip to the Loire Valley without a winery tour?

Domaine du Closel – Chateau des Vaults, 1 Place du Mail, Savennières, France, +33 2 41 72 81 00

Explore Terra Botanica

In the north of the city is an immense botanical garden/amusement park featuring plants from all over the world in habitats ranging from a woodland of living prehistoric trees to an imitation Louisiana bayou. If you have time, hop on a guided boat for the full experience at Terra Botanica.

Terra Botanica, Route d’Epinard, Angers, France, +33 2 41 25 00 00

Terra Botanica © Jmalo/WikiCommons

Go behind the scenes at the Carré Cointreau

Join a guided tour of the production site and the distillery of this world-renowned liqueur, and cap it off with a sophisticated tasting in the elegant on-site bar. The barman is highly knowledgeable, and visitors will come away enamored with the citrus-flavored triple sec.

Carré Cointreau, 2 Boulevard des Bretonnières, Saint-Barthélemy-d’Anjou, France, +33 2 41 31 50 50

Enjoy some culture at the Musée des Beaux-Arts

Offering up views of portraits and statues, as well as local artifacts explicating the history of Angers, this exemplary museum is worth a visit. Have a coffee or a bite to eat afterwards at the museum café, which has outdoor seating for sunny days.

Le Musée des Beaux-Arts, Angers © Jean-Pierre Dalbéra/Flickr

Check out the stained glass at Cathédrale St-Maurice

The seat of the Roman Catholic diocese in Angers, this stunning church’s architecture is equal parts Romanesque and Gothic. The exquisitedly-rendered stained glass windows were created in 1451 by glassmaker André Robin and remain a highlight of the cathedral’s decor.

Cathédrale Saint-Maurice © stephanemartin/WikiCommons

Learn about textiles at the Musée Lurçat

Artist Jean Lurçat (1892-1966) was notable for his single-handed revival of tapestry-making and textile art in France. Get up close with the artist’s tapestries— especially his famous series, Le Chant Du Monde— and enjoy the ambiance: the two buildings of the museum are surrounded by rhododendrons, and the view across the river is phenomenal.

Musée Jean Lurçat et de la tapisserie contemporaine, 4 Boulevard Arago, Angers, France, +33 2 41 24 18 45

Musée Jean Lurçat © Mith/WikiCommons

Wander the grounds of Château de Brissac

Whilst the interior of the château is worth a peek (particularly the theater, the old kitchens, and the wine cellars), the real draw are the gardens, which contain walking paths, a 500-year-old vineyard, and an abundance of well-kept greenery.

Château de Brissac, Rue Louis Moron, Brissac-Quincé, France, +33 2 41 91 22 21

Château de Brissac © Manfred Heyde/WikiCommons

Get your fine art fix at Galerie David d’Angers

This light-filled, beautiful building— a converted abbey— houses a gallery containing the work of the sculptor Pierre-Jean David, or David d’Angers (1788-1856), who was once lauded as the ‘Michelangelo of Paris’ by writer Victor Hugo. This hidden gem is definitely a don’t-miss spot in Angers.

Galerie David d’Angers, 31 Bis Rue Toussaint, Angers, France, +33 2 41 05 38 90

Galerie David d’Angers © Selbymay/WikiCommons

Immerse yourself in history at Collégiale Saint-Martin

Explore the history museum within this remarkable Gothic church to learn about its past as a collegiate church during medieval times, and don’t forget to head downstairs to the archaeological crypt. Check out their schedule for information on upcoming instrumental concerts, museum exhibitions, and more.

Collégiale Saint-Martin, 23 Rue Saint-Martin, Angers, France, +33 2 41 81 16 00

Nave of Collégiale Saint-Martin, Angers © Sémhur/WikiCommons