The Top 10 Things To Do And See In The Cartoucherie, Toulouse

Le musée d'art moderne des Abattoirs | © Pistolero31/Flickr
Le musée d'art moderne des Abattoirs | © Pistolero31/Flickr
At the very heart of Toulouse, around the ashes of an old munitions factory, rises the experimental new eco-neighborhood of La Cartoucherie. A lively area created with the purpose of nurturing a relationship with nature, it’s full of green areas and biking and hiking paths. Check out the top things to do when in town…
Le musée d’art moderne des Abattoirs © Pistolero31/Flickr

Les Abattoirs

Les Abattoirs is a museum of modern and contemporary art. Visitors can admire several art works from painting to sculpture and photography by major artists of the last couple of centuries, like Brassai, Duchamp and Fontana to name just a few. The museum also hosts several temporary exhibitions and cultural activities, following its mission of spreading culture to the public of Toulouse.

Les Abattoirs, 76 Allées Charles de Fitte, Toulouse, France

Le Zenith

As part of a franchise, expanded all over France, Le Zenith is an arena at the heart of the Cartoucherie area. It has been hosting events since 1999, ranging from various kinds of music concerts to ballet to opera. Over the years, Le Zenith of Toulouse has seen Green Day and Kylie Minogue on its stages, which means travelers heading this way can expect some seriously big names.

Le Zenith, 11 Avenue Raymond Badiou, Toulouse, France

Jardins du Barry

At the gate of this brand new neighborhood, visitors can find one of the many green areas that make it so popular and eco-friendly. Jardins du Barry is a large park, ideal for a relaxing walk immersed in nature or just to enjoy the sun of Toulouse in the open. There’s also a lovely lake, which makes for a really romantic spot on a weekend afternoon.

Jardins du Barry, Voie du Toec, Toulouse, France

La Cabane

La Cabane is a family-friendly restaurant with a nice veranda where customers can enjoy delicious seafood in a cheerful atmosphere, all served by a truly welcoming staff. As the name suggests, the location recalls a cabana, making this one the perfect spot for sampling arguably the freshest seafood creations in town. La Cabane also features a home delivery service.

La Cabane, 37 Avenue de Grande Bretagne, Toulouse, France

Aux petits fours

If you’re craving a treat while visiting the Cartoucherie, you definitely want to check out this lovely patisserie, but careful, because once you taste one of their pastries you’ll want to try them all! Aux petits fours features small pastries of every kind and for all palates; besides the traditional French macaroons there is a wide variety of other textures and colors to sample.

Aux petits fours, 7 Place de la Patte d’Oie, Toulouse, France

Sacre Coeur

Church, Park
Sacre Coeur, Paris.
The Sacré-Cœur is striking against the blue sky, and even more enchanting by night | © Janet Ridley / Alamy Stock Photo
This little church tends to get lost among the other buildings that surround it but no visitor should miss a visit to the lovely Eglise du Sacre Coeur. The structure is outstanding, recalling something of a Gothic castle, and the surroundings are worth checking out as well, like the little park in front of it, for example, with its shady trees and relaxing vibes.
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Sports fields

The Cartoucherie’s concept is all based on a healthy lifestyle and a relationship with nature, which means there are plenty of sports fields and exercise areas here. Only steps from each other, visitors will find both a field for football and rugby and a tennis club. And at the heart of the neighborhood , visitors can also find the huge Complexe Sportif Pierre Montané.


The ideal place for either a quick lunch or traditional French cuisine tasting, Carthel features a list of various dishes that goes from burgers to fish. Customers will find themselves immersed in a stylish atmosphere made of creative furnishing and boasting minimal food presentation. On sunny days, customers can enjoy their meal in the lovely garden, which has something of and Italian vibe to it.

Carthel, 230 avenue de Grande Bretagne, Toulouse, France


Lovers of races will certainly enjoy this huge hippodrome, which has been regularly hosting events since 1866, in one of the most beautiful settings. Among other events, the Prix André Boingnères and the Prix Jean louis Côme are both held here. The Hippodrome de la Cepiere is also home to the Toulouse Casino.

Hippodrome de la Cepiere, 1 Chemin des Courses, Toulouse, France


Just in the not-so-remote case that you fall in love with Toulouse, and in case you love it enough to stay, you may be interested in knowing that the Cartoucherie neighborhood is home to a number of educational institutions, like 12 professional schools, several libraries and the campus of the Ecoles de Santé de Midi-Pyrénnés of Toulouse. Perhaps you could even pick up a little French?