Rone: France's Rising Star Musician

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13 January 2017

Electronic music in France has always been in the musical spotlight; it suffices to mention internationally renowned names such as Daft Punk, Laurent Garnier, Sébastien Tellier, and Kavinsky to confirm this. In the last years there has been a new wave of electronic musicians who are now amongst the first names of important music festivals of this genre. Amongst these growing musicians, Rone has stood out by performing at major concerts such as Coachella and Sonar, and bringing his music to the view of a massive audience.

Jean Baptiste Millot | © Jean Baptiste Millot

Rone has become particularly admired in the French music scene, due to his amazing imitation of “intergalactic” sounds and creative visuals. His real name is Erwan Castex; ‘Rone’ being a successful pseudonym for his stage performances.

Initially, he started his career as a musician with the name ‘R.One’ as it was phonetically similar to his real name ‘Erwan’, but during one of his first concerts, the flyers were mistakenly printed without the punctuation between ‘R’ and ‘One’ and that brought to light the invention of the alias Rone.

Rone’s Album ‘Creatures’ (2015) | ©Infiné label

Rone is a self-taught musician, whose interest in music has evolved together with his interest in cinema but, the latter was what brought him to the world of music. Keen on mixing these two interests, in the last performance of his latest album ‘Creatures‘ -released in 2015 with the label Infiné– Rone collaborated with the illustrator, Lili Wood, who was in charge of designing a world of small animals living somewhere in a different galaxy. This invented universe, together with a sensational dimension of sounds and amazing lighting design, are a few examples that mark the beginnings of the new multidisciplinary approach behind the production of electronic music.

The credits for the visual support to Rone’s music go to motion designer, Dimitri Stankowicz –who was one of Rone’s first collaborations. In the video clip of the song ‘Bye Bye Macadam’, Stankowicz designed a series of black & white animated female druids that perform shamanic rituals, elucidating the role of stars -the characters are also perfectly synched to the beat of the song. As for the choreography, Dimitri originally found inspiration around the concept of supernovas, as well as in witchcraft. The designer’s overall influence relies on the first famous ‘cinemagician’ – Georges Méliès, who innovated the application of special effects on movie scenes.

Rone’s popularity is growing high, in 2015 he has already performed at 4 different French music festivals: ‘Nuit Sonores‘, ‘Solidays‘, ‘Main Square’, ‘Les Francofolies de La Rochelle’, and ‘Le Printemps de Bourges.’

Along with his ascending popularity in France, Rone hasn’t neglected international acclaim. He recently toured the US with his album ‘Creatures.’ All these back-to-back performances and invitations to perform in Spain, Belgium, Germany and the UK represent Rone’s rising status: considered the future prodigy of electronic music in France.

Performance of Rone at the Festival Chorus 92 | ©natalywildheart

In 2015 just a couple of weeks before Bjork, Rone released his first virtual reality video clip, accompanied by the main singer of François & The Atlas Mountains Group: François Marry. The ‘360 degree experience’ video is dedicated to the piece ‘Quitter la Ville‘ from his last album. The clip takes place inside one of the terminals of the Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport. Being a pioneer in audiovisual creation, Rone has a huge perspective & the ability to apply it onto his own music production and promotion.

Rone’s music is an allusion to space; through his music, the line between our world and outer space almost fades away, turning his concerts into one captivating space travel!

Performance of Rone at the Festival Chorus 92 | ©natalywildheart

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