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© Nonsap Visuals / Unplash
© Nonsap Visuals / Unplash
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The Only Way to Read This Book Is by Burning It, Yes Really

Picture of India Irving
Social Media Editor
Updated: 18 October 2017

Fahrenheit 451 has a whole new meaning!

Ray Bradbury’s iconic 1953 dystopian novel famously takes its title from the temperature at which paper burns, 451 degrees Fahrenheit, but French graphic design firm Super Terrain has come up with a way around the book-burning rule—and created an amazing work of art in the process.

They have designed an experimental copy of the book with screen-printed, blacked-out pages that must be burned in order to reveal the text underneath.

Their colleagues at the Jane Van Eyck Academy in Holland posted the following on Instagram: “This week our colleagues from Super Terrain are working in the Lab as a last stop on their all-over-Europe printing adventures. They showed us this remarkable book they made ‘Fahrenheit 451’.”

You literally have to add heat from a flame in order to read their copy of the novel, which, considering the plot line of the book (set in a society where all books are banned), is pretty damn genius.

This cool hybrid of literature and art is not for sale at the moment, but an Instagram reply from the company explains that plans to market the creation are in the works!

Get your lighters ready.