The Most Hipster Hangouts in Toulouse

<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Vinyl haunting | © Mitchel Lensink/Unsplash</a>
<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Vinyl haunting | © Mitchel Lensink/Unsplash</a>
Photo of Jennifer Migan
25 September 2017

Toulouse is without a doubt one of France’s coolest cities, so visitors and locals alike won’t have to spend a lot of time worrying about finding a nice place to hang out. Here is a list of trendy venues to check out while spending some time in the ‘Pink City’.

N°5 Wine Bar

Picture telling friends about hanging out in the world’s best wine bar. The N°5 Wine Bar was elected ‘Best Wine Bar in the World’ in 2017 by the very respected The World of Fine Wine. Choose among more than 3,300 wine references and nibble on tasty tapas.

Spend some time at the N°5 Wine Bar | Courtesy N°5 Wine Bar

L’Éternel Éphémère

L’Éternel Éphémère relies on an innovative concept that includes changing the bar’s décor every three months. Trust the chef with the menu du Jour (daily menu) at lunchtime and have some delicious tapas at night. Even those who come to Toulouse regularly will get the joy of rediscovering a new place each time they visit the restaurant.

Le Labo

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le labo
Le Labo | Le Labo
Music lovers will be delighted in this incredible music shop where every genre is represented. The incredible selections include vinyl and CDs, and the store is also a consignment shop for those who want to add to their music collection and pass some of their collection to others. Located few steps away from the N°5 Wine Bar, go for some wine and cheese after this sweet musical escapade.


All the curious souls out there will love DAda, an atypical bistro where creativity is the watchword. Events include jazz nights, an evening dedicated to magic, and beach-themed parties.

DAda, 27 Avenue Honoré Serres, Toulouse, France, +33 05 61 38 10 18

Le Château d’Eau

Photography fans should go to Le Château d’Eau, the architectural beauty turned amazing gallery. Works of iconic artists such as Henry Cartier-Bresson, Helmut Newton, or Karen Knorr are displayed in this fantastic venue that also publishes and has a resource center with the work of hundreds of artists. An inexpensive activity, the Château’s entrance fee is only €3.5 ($4.15).

Le Château d’Eau,

La Mucca

Travels are opportunities to create lifelong memories and in some cases, write about those souvenirs. For those who like writing down their travel tales on beautiful notebooks or send letters on some premium paper, check out La Mucca. A pure heaven for writers and with their wide range of well-crafted notebooks, posters, and cute postcards, it will be hard to not buy everything.

La Mucca, 23 Rue des Lois, Toulouse, France, +33 05 34 30 93 84

Some of the original posters you can find at La Mucca | Courtesy of La Mucca