The Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Cannes

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8 June 2018

France is not the easiest country in the world to find restaurants with menus featuring non-meat dishes. That being said, Cannes has a few highly rated vegetarian and vegan places to eat to choose from, ranging from small food outlets to Italian restaurants and soup specialists. Here’s our list of the best places in Cannes that offer vegetarian meals.

Le Troquet à Soupes

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French onion soup with croutons and cheese
French onion soup with croutons and cheese | © Sergii Koval / Alamy Stock Photo

As the name suggests, Le Troquet à Soupes specialises in soup, but it also serves other vegetarian delights like gazpacho and chickpea salad. The French word ‘troquet’ translates as a roadside bar or a watering hole, which is apt considering that this is the place to come in Cannes for refreshing dishes. Whilst they do serve meat in their main courses, there’s also enough here to delight vegans and vegetarians with the daily choice of soups (think onion soup or fresh butternut and ginger) or the ‘oeuf cocotte‘, an oven-cooked egg. Regulars keep coming back for the highly-rated, home-cooked food and the relaxed atmosphere and friendly service.

Voglia di Pasta

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Fresh pasta in the making | © fototip / Shutterstock

Voglia di Pasta is consistently popular, and reviews liken the restaurant to the best Italian outside of Italy. Check out their Facebook page for opening times and their most up-to-date menu. They have plenty of vegetarian and vegan options, and you can expect delights like fresh gnocchi. It’s right in the thick of the action, two steps from the seafront, but the prices aren’t as high as other places nearby.


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Grab a sandwich to go | © Elindulgist / Shutterstock

This little fast food shop in the centre of Cannes has plenty of non-meat options, and although it does also offer meat dishes, it markets itself as a vegetarian place. You can choose from options at the salad bar, sandwiches and fresh fruit juices. The cafe’s slogan is ‘handmade natural food’ and it’s a great place to grab something on the run, especially on weekdays.

La Casa di Nonna

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‘La Casa di Nonna’ means ‘grandmother’s house’ in Italian, and you’ll receive exactly the sort of warm welcome that the name suggests. This restaurant is much loved for its cooking, dished up by its Calabrese owner. It’s a relaxed place with reasonable prices, and as well as its numerous meat and fish choices, there are plenty of vegetarian and vegan options.

Dr. Falafels

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Dr. Falafels is a rare find – it’s a small cafe that goes out of its way to serve vegetarian food. Choose from a wide range of falafels, either in pitta bread with hummus or wrapped in quesadillas or tacos. And because it’s France, you can also buy a bottle of wine to go with your meal for a very reasonable €14. Dr Falafels also serves a range of beers and freshly-prepared salad ingredients. It’s a perfect fast-food veggie option with a friendly welcome.

Juice Lab

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Juice Lab is a Parisian startup selling juices that are 100% fresh, organic and homemade. They sell smoothies, cold freshly-squeezed juices and healthy snacks such as acai and fruit bowls. The best part is the packaging: the drinks come served in unusual bottles that look like prescription medicine. This is a great perfect place to get your daily dose of vitamins in a cool, updated way.

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Restaurant Le Park 45

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Grand Hôtel Cannes
Grand Hôtel Cannes | © CreativeCommons

Under new chef Christophe Poard, Restaurant Le Park 45 is a rare find because it combines a chic rooftop restaurant with a terrace to die for, award-winning food and a four-course vegetarian menu. The restaurant is actually Michelin-starred, so you can expect the highest quality meals and excellent service. It is also renowned for its fish dishes – if you can eat them.

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