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©Patrick Blehaut/Flickr
©Patrick Blehaut/Flickr
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The Best Places to Buy Souvenirs in Dijon

Picture of Sylvia Edwards Davis
Updated: 8 June 2017
There is no end to the shopping options in the beautiful and friendly city of Dijon, where you’ll find great choice of souvenirs for every personality, from art books to silly hats. It’s no surprise that the most popular souvenirs from Dijon are foodie related, after all the city is the one of the gourmet capitals of France, and headquarters for Burgundy wines.
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Mustard… what else?

Who can say Dijon without thinking of the famous condiment? The quaint Maille shop dating back to 1747 on the main pedestrian street looks quite attractive from the outside, but wait till you step inside – it is something straight from a film set. An incredible selection of mustards await inside, either served directly ‘on tap’ or packaged in different sized jars. The gift sets with a selection of tiny little jars make a perfect presentation, and there’s a combination of flavours offered here you won’t find in the shops, with evocative choices such as white Alba truffle, fig and coriandre, mango and spices, or the delicious local cassis blackcurrant.

Moutarde Maille, 32 Rue de la Liberté, 21000 Dijon, +33 03 80 30 41 02

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Gingerbread Central

This is a Dijonnaise institution; locals ‘in the know’ shop confidently for gifts here as they know they’ll be appreciated. Since 1796 Mulot et Petitjean have been making the traditional ‘pain d’epices’, a cousin of the gingerbread made in the particular Burgundy style – perfect by itself or as a base for foie gras canapes. Another favourite are their nonettes, little round gingerbread-honey cakes. Packaged in charming cylinder tins, they make a perfect foodie souvenir.

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Tourism Office

A fun variety of souvenirs around the theme of the owl; a reference to the emblem of Dijon stemming from the legendary owl carving on the side of Notre Dame church, which is thought to bring good luck to passers by, as long as you rub its tummy with your left hand.

Office de Tourisme, 11 Rue des Forges, Dijon +33 0 892 70 05 58

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Arty Facts

The bookshop at the fabulous Musée des Beaux-Arts de Dijon offers a stunning selection of coffee-table books, such as the catalogue of the museum’s collection, available in English. The bookshop also has figurines of well known sculptures such as the world-famous Mourners, and the polar bear by François Pompon. Some books can be mailed to your home address so you don’t even have to lug the souvenirs around for the rest of your trip.

Musée des Beaux-Arts, 1 rue Rameau, Dijon, +33 03 80 74 54 72

Chocolaterie de Bourgogne

This chocolate maker has a huge production center in the Eastern side of Dijon and also a delightful boutique in the downtown area. Apart from delicious chocolates of various sizes and combinations, they also sell lovely gifts like the local Anis de Flavigny, gourmet terrines and patés from local producers, and other regional goodies. The staff is very friendly and will be happy to guide you through your purchases.

Chocolaterie de Bourgogne, 18 Rue Piron, Dijon +33 03 80 30 17 10

Cassis With Everything

Dijon is cassis-mad. Everything you can think of that can involve the popular local blackcurrant will materialise in one form of another. At L’Héritier Guyot they specialize in the exquisite crême de cassis liqueur, and its premium variety, cassis noir de Bourgogne. It can be enjoyed on its own as a digestif, or as one of the components of the local aperitif Kir, a glug of cassis on the bottom of a glass filled with white aligoté wine, or in a flute of champagne for a Kir Royale. You’ll also find here cassis jelly, cassis jam… you get the picture.

L’Héritier-Guyot, 2 Place de Notre Dame, Dijon, +33 03 80 43 41 65

Cassis liqueur from Dijon
Cassis liqueur from Dijon | ©Sylvia Edwards Davis
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Don’t Forget the Wine!

Here’s a souvenir spot is a one-stop-shop with a bonus. You wouldn’t want to leave Burgundy without some of its famous wine, and Au Duché de Bourgogne is an excellent address to pick up a couple of good bottles… or cases. The wine-tasting downstairs cellar staffed by very knowledgeable wine connoisseurs is a place of wonder. The main gift shop has mountains of books and souvenirs, from fun T-shirts and aprons to professional wine-tasting paraphernalia.

Au Duché de Bourgogne, 1 Place de la Libération, +33 03 80 67 10 34

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Little Pleasures

An ever-popular corner shop on one of the most charming cobbled pedestrian streets in the historic district, Plaisirs de France offers lots of great gift ideas; from mustard gift sets to scented soaps, tea towls and the traditional gingerbread and the delicious local sweet Anis de Flavigny.

Plaisirs de France, 17 rue Musette, Dijon +33 03 80 30 15 12

A beloved local confection, Anis de Flavigny ©Sylvia Edwards Davis