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Bookshop | © Manolo Franco / Pixabay
Bookshop | © Manolo Franco / Pixabay

The Best Independent Bookstores in Montpellier

Picture of Holly Howard
Updated: 7 May 2017
Nothing can really beat a bookshop. The tranquil corners and smell of newly-printed pages retain a certain kind of magic in our whirling world. If you’re in Montpellier, take a trip to one, or more, of Culture Trip’s favourite independent bookstores.

Le Bookshop

Le Bookshop is an English language bookshop (also stocking German language books) in the heart of Montpellier. As it is a university city, this bookstore is popular with students and locals alike. The owners also run conversation classes in the evenings and there is a sweet spot outside for a sit, a sip of coffee and a read.

Le Bookshop, 8 Rue du Bras de Fer, Montpellier, France, +33 467 662 290

La Bouquinerie

This bookstore, located on one of the city’s old winding streets, is the oldest in Montpellier at over 110 years old. Browse second-hand books in almost every category: philosophy to psychology, French revolution to music, cinema to comic books. Everything and anything can be found pushed onto the shelves of this bookstore.

La Bouquinerie, 12 Rue de l’Université, Montpellier, France, +33 467 606 757


Sauramps is one of the largest independent bookstores in France. From 1957 to 1962, the building that was originally opened during the war by Henri Sauramps as a printing house became focused on books and has ‘never looked back.’ Their comprehensive website has meant that they remain with the times, even though the stores themselves hold over 400,000 books. It is great to browse a bookshop that is bustling and feels like it is an important part of the Montpellier landscape and local life.

Sauramps, Centre commercial Le Triangle, Allée Jules Milhau, Montpellier, France, +33 467 067 878

Sauramps Bookshop | © ActuaLitté / Flickr


Founded in 1996, Azimuts is where you need to go if you are a comic book fan. It stocks over 16,000 books and, each year, Azumuts participates in the comic book festival O Tour de la Bulle and in the Comédie du Livre. On an aesthetic note, one of its charms is its small street entrance versus the spacious, well-stocked rooms within. Definitely somewhere you can while away a few hours.

Azimuts, 13 Rue Saint-Guilhem, Montpellier, France, +33 467 663 581


One for the kiddos. This is the children’s wing of Sauramps, offering lots to read, of course, and also games, toys, creative leisure and multimedia.

Sauramps, Centre commercial Le Triangle, Allée Jules Milhau, Montpellier, France, +33 467 067 878

Ancient Books | © Pexels / Pixabay

Les Cinq Continents

Les Cinq Continents is a travel bookstore and rare gem in the heart of Montpellier. The owners, a couple of literary travellers, are the reason this bookshop is so popular with locals and whoever passes over the threshold. Travel guides are available in English, French and German, and there is a fantastic selection of accompanying travel literature, too. Regularly, Les Cinq Continents plays host to authors and travellers for evenings of readings, reciting and general travel sharing.

Les Cinq Continents, 20 Rue Jacques Cœur, Montpellier, France, +33 467 664 670

Le Grain des Mots

Le Grain des Mots is a spacious, independent bookstore that covers literature to cinema and humanities to art books. If you live locally, or are visiting for a while, then drop them an email abut their local meet-ups.

Le Grain des Mots, 13 Boulevard du Jeu de Paume, Montpellier, France, +33 467 608 238