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The Best Independent Bookstores in Dijon

Picture of Sylvia Edwards Davis
Updated: 15 May 2017
With its illustrious heritage and its streets steeped in history, Dijon offers a treasure trove of undiscovered corners where culture is alive and thriving. Lose yourself along the multifaceted selection of titles old and new in these captivating literary spots in Dijon.
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Burgundy focus: Au Duché de Bourgogne

This is not a traditional bookstore but rather a wine merchant slash souvenir shop with an extensive book section, dedicated to everything Burgundy. There’s travel guides, wine guides, photography books, coffee table books and quirky local lore books that you won’t find anywhere else. Keep an eye on the stone steps going down to the cave, there may be a wine tasting session in progress.

Au Duché de Bourgogne, 1 Place de la Libération, Dijon, France +33 3 80 67 10 34

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Hidden stash: Librairie Heurtebise

If you don’t look closely, you might miss this small shop tucked away in a narrow alley. Heurtebise is a bookshop selling antique and rare books, on history, literature, philosophy, science, esotericism and travel. It publishes six annual catalogs for the reference of readers, collectors and book professionals.

Librairie Heurtebise, 7 Bis Rue d’Assas, Dijon, France +33 3 80 65 46 48

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Exclectic wonders: Barde Bourgignon

An interesting, small bookstore, worth a visit, close to the popular road Berbisey (where you’ll find fabulous places to eat). Barde Bourguignon sells old and new books to learn about the Burgundy region, as well as history, travel and esotericism titles.

Barde Bourguignon, 62 Rue Berbisey, Dijon, France +33 3 80 30 32 77

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Coffee break: La Fleur Qui Pousse à l’Interieur

A relative newcomer to the Dijon cultural scene, two passionate master librairians opened a tea room and bookstore around the corner from Dijon’s venerable public library. Sit down to a very civilized cup of tea and a slice of home-made cake in the bright and fresh interior while you leaf through your literary finds.
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Fantasy land: Ciel Rouge

A small bubble outside of time in the heart of Dijon, Ciel Rouge is a shop specializing in the world of imagination, fantasy and underground cultures – offering a selection of new and second hand books on these subjects.

Ciel Rouge, 62 Rue Jean Jacques Rousseau, Dijon, France +33 3 80 74 81 55

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Comics and Manga: Momie Librairie

Bonjour comics, graphic novels and manga! If these genres are your thing, this bookstore is for you. It not only specializes in the latest comics, Momie also sells high-end comics and superhero figurines.

Momie Librairie, 29 Rue des Godrans, Dijon 03 45 42 82 58

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Young readers and English books: Librairie Autremend Dit

A real goldmine for children and young adult literature, plus a good selection of English titles. You’ll also find material for language learning: English, German, Russian… you name it. Don’t hesitate to ask questions, the welcoming owners are a former language teacher and a professional librarian and will be more than happy to guide you through your choices.